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Entertainment 26 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Diversified Coalition

There’s no doubt that Polynesians are making a name for themselves and, more importantly, are doing so successfully in many industries around the world. Many advocates have risen in support of Polynesians in mainstream industries and one such advocate is Diversified Coalition. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Diversified Coalition is building itself to be the go-to company when you need to find the resources to do what you love and what you do best – they simply GET you what you NEED both internally and externally. Myrna Pili, one of the three founders of Diversified Coalition, shared some insights on the company’s mission, vision, and upcoming goals. Though it is fairly new, Diversified Coalition is positioning itself to be a great source for aspiring Polynesian entrepreneurs, artists, and many more.

Diversified Coalition has a team of certified professionals at its helm with founders Myrna Pili (who has an MBA and specializes in working with private foundations), David Timoteo (who has an MBA and is a certified CPA, entrepreneur, and real estate investor), and George Tuioti Mariner (who has a BA in criminal justice and specializes in probation/parole, social, and child protective services). Diversified Coalition is ultimately a consulting firm that is the umbrella or parent company over Diversified Management Services (DMS), Diversified Family Services (DFS), and PolySwagg. Its services range from taxation to funding development (grant writing for government and private foundations) to one-on-one consulting and its main clientele consists of small business owners, non-profits, and individuals interested in business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Though the expertise of Pili, Timoteo, and Mariner are primarily in business, their mission through Diversified Coalition and each of its branches is to aid as many people in any and every industry be successful and take their brand, company, skills, talents, and dreams to the next level. Pili shares that if you let people do what they do best and get out of their way, so much can be accomplished. She further states that Polynesians are no strangers to hustling, but there is still so much we can learn and even more we can do together to further our venture into the mainstream. With so many Polynesians in media, music, sports, film, fitness, fashion, education, and other fields, Pili emphasizes that by working collectively we all benefit and we all move forward.

Part of moving forward is recognizing that though Polynesians are making noise in countless industries, there is still a void that can be filled – a void that PolySwagg, one of Diversified Coalition’s branches/brands, seeks to encourage many to fill. A goal of Diversified Coalition and PolySwagg is to get the message across that the more noise we make together, the more exposure we gain, and the more exposure we gain, the more successes we attain. We need more Polynesians who are successful to be visible so that the younger generation have people they can identify with and relate to. This movement into mainstream and of acknowledging Polynesian leaders, game-changers, and trailblazers is what PolySwagg is all about.

On a more personal note, something Pili, Timoteo, and Mariner are adamant about holding fast to and acknowledging is the role of religion in their upbringing, which they incorporate into the management of Diversified Coalition. “Our faith in God is real; it’s embedded in us; it’s who we are,” says Pili. Every gathering or meeting opens and closes with a word of prayer and that is not an option regardless of whom Diversified Coalition is working with. Such a steadfast commitment to religious practices speaks volumes as religion is a way of life among the Polynesian people and something we simply cannot and should not ignore.

Diversified Coalition’s mission is clear – they GET you what you NEED internally and externally to be successful and they fully support the PolySwagg movement, which includes anyone and everyone who is striving and working to be great in any industry. “Polynesians know how to rally behind a cause,” says Pili and this PolySwagg movement is certainly a cause worth rallying behind. Diversified Coalition believes that if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth it and though there will be naysayers along the way, don’t ever let them deter you. PolySwagg is about being confident and doing what you do best for the betterment of others and for our Polynesian community as a whole.

For more information on Diversified Coalition, check out their official website. You can also follow PolySwagg on Facebook and Twitter.

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