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Ali Campbell of UB40 Concert Ticket Contest

Contest, Entertainment 25 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Ali Campbell

Are you going to be in Las Vegas for the USA Rugby Sevens Tournament? You better be, ‘cause it’s going to be the PLACE TO BE from February 9th -12th! If you aren’t there, you’re nowhere!

Not only does the USA Rugby Sevens bring the best Rugby teams on the international circuit, but it is bringing the best party goers too! Every Polynesian in America will be getting fitted, their hair did, nails done, lined up and ready to see the most beautiful people in the world, Poly’s! The weekend will be full of night life entertainment for Urban Islanders so come join us in Sin City to watch Rugby and party!

Island promoters have been working hard to produce some of the tightest line-ups and hottest tickets during the tournament weekend for Urban Islanders. We’ll watch Rugby in the day and party all night!

Today, YOU could WIN A PAIR OF tickets to one of the hottest shows with Ali Campbell of UB40 concert on Saturday night at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Resort on the Vegas Strip on Saturday, Feb. 11th!

Do you want to see Ali Campbell LIVE alongside Urban Island artists Spawnbreezie and Common Kings? Well get your little fingers ready to ENTER into TODAY’S CONTEST and party with The WhatItDo Crew at the show. GOOD LUCK!

Today’s contest is a WhatItDo SCAVENGER HUNT!

Follow these exact instructions. You will be disqualified if you DO NOT follow them precisely.

1. Find the article “ WhatItDo Scavenger Hunt Contest” on The official website. Comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will not count.

2. Answer the questions below the article “WhatItDo Scavenger Hunt Contest” under “comment” and leave your name and answers.

The first person to finish the scavenger hunt WINS!!!!

Step One:
Name the manufacturer who presented Hon. Frederica Tuita of Tonga with a set of headphones and if you were to own a pair, which Rugby team color would you rock it with?

Step Two
What is Selah International’s mission and theme and where would you wear their jersey to in Vegas?

Step Three
Where was J Boog born and raised and if you were to meet him, what song of his would you sing for him?

Step Four
Who gave Spawnbreezie the motivation to keep pursuing music after the passing of his father and tell us what is your favorite Spawnbreezie song.

Step Five
What is the title of Fiji’s first album and the name your favorite song off that album?

Step Six
Upload a photo that defines Polyswagg.

Step Seven
Tag article below on FB to 19 of your friends or Tweet article to 25 of your friends:

Which Urban Island/Polynesian artist did the WhatItDo first feature and who was the writer?

TIE BREAKER QUESTION: What Urban Island Artist’s name means, “Righteous and Faithful” in Japanese?

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