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ANOTHER Selah Int’l Jersey and Concert Ticket Giveaway!

Entertainment, Events 19 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Another Concert Ticket Giveaway

The PolySwagg crew is at it again, collaborating with Selah Int’l for yet another free giveaway! The Jahthentic Selah Int’l team describes themselves as being “based on family values, progress, vibes, consciousness, unity, with the roots of ‘one perfect love.’” Selah Int’l was already featured on our website when they hosted a fundraiser concert for a family in need. Because of their focus on family values and progression, it’s no wonder that they are teaming up with PolySwagg for the Polynesian Health Awareness Concert on February 9, 2012 at the South Point Showroom in Las Vegas, NV.

Selah Int’l is a clothing company specializing in football and basketball jerseys and other high-quality products, all of which incorporate the Reggae style and its colors. The brand itself is a hot commodity around the world and continues to grow. Head to their Facebook page to check out photos of their jerseys, past events they’ve hosted, and famous artists who have sported Selah Int’l gear onstage.

Both PolySwagg and Selah Int’l are very excited for this event – so much that they’ve decided to give away ANOTHER pair of tickets to the concert and a Selah Int’l jersey! Ready to win? Follow these instructions to enter the contest!

To enter: Leave a comment below telling us where you would wear your Selah Int’l Jersey. One entry per person. Entrants must live in the United States and provide their own transportation to and from the venue. Contest ends Friday, January 20, at 12:00 a.m. P.S.T. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    I would rock my jersey to work! =) I’m a supervisor here @ jcp….and would definitely show love and support for whatitdo and selah! =) also id wear it to concerts =) ;)

  • Ricoh Yuji

    I would wear my  Selah Int’l Jersey everyday & everywhere I go ,  especially to all the reggae concerts, island festivals & other events  that be going on in the Bay Area.Jah Bless

  • IsagirLL-Boogie

    I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I would wear My Selah Int’l Jersey around in Vegas on da weekend of da Sevens an den after the Sevens I wud bring it home an wear it around my town starting wit Hurricane (home) an St George, Utah an den in da good ol Salt Lake City, Utah…an of course to work every nitee ….Always love supporting our pplz :) Good Luck To All :)

  • Anonymous

    I would so wear mine anywhere and everywhere esp to non-poly events like my boss events just to show them poly people are coming up:-) #WHATITDO

  • Anonymous

    i would wear my Selah Int’l Jersey  EVERYWHERE&&EVERYDAY..i would love to repp my jersey to the non poly movement to support my poly artists out there thats doing there thing. making it big and making it happen..shout out to all the poly love.

  • Tyler Irwin

    I would wear it during the Molokai Hoe, for all 42 miles of the race.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll rock it at the 7′s in Vegas! Than again, I should rock it in Auckland, New Zealand in April!!!

  • Divine Fijian

    If I won, I would give it to someone who really wanted one ((since I’m blessed to have one)) but couldn’t quite afford one cause that’s #WHATITDO! And I’m sure they’d rock it any and everywhere. These jerseys are so HOT!

  • Tagici Saubulinayau Bevu

    i would wear my jersy to to the las vegas 7s baby :)

  • Anonymous

    I would wear Selah Int’l jersey everywhere. I would wear it to my job at the home depot, to any islanders events, a family reunion coming up, basically everywhere to show my pride in our culture & to support selah, & most definitely forget going in a dress you will see me rocking it hard out w/ my PolySwagg at Selah Int’l/PolySwaggMag concert in Vegas. CheeeeeeeHooooooooo

  • Sereana Banuve

    I would wear my Selah Int’l Jersey EVERYWHERE (reggae/poly occasions etc)  especially the VEGAS 7S & when i head out to new zealand & fiji! ! ! ! ! #LEGGGOOO !

  • Komera Tamaibeka

    I would wear it everywhere, anywhere that would bring it some recognition. It is a great way to promote cultural awareness! :)

  • jasmine

    I rock my Selah jerz throughout the bay area, to spread the idea we believe in slowing time down, staying conscious, and reflection of life. Island Love -jas


    My homie Ricoh tweeted a couple days ago saying he wanted a Selah Jersey! He’s the second one who posted on here..He deserves it, he loves reggae and loves his poly people as well! One of the funniest and realest guys i know..Im one of the promoters of thewhatitdo and I really hope he wins it! :)

  • Anonymous

     I would wear it as my Chef coat to work, as the only Tongan Chef in Oregon, the Jersey will let people know where the roots of my food come from, love of my culture and the passion for its music.

  • Benericco Naiveli

    I am going to wear it to bed, to the toilet, to church, to the movies, to concerts. I will wear it so much that people will think I don’t have any other clothes to wear. Which works out because thats the only way I can wear it to church! If that’s not enough, then I will wear it at my funeral. But for real, that will be the only thing in my warddrobe that would be polyswagg or any kind of swagg for that matter. Please #whatitdo, Selah Intl and the Polyswagg crew, PICK BENERICCO NAIVELI! Thankyou in advance!

  • Anonymous

    i would wear to their concert !

  • Anonymous

    i’d wear it to the 7s or to the thursday concert feb 9th!!!

  • Teedub Noa Finau

    I would wear it to functions all the time so that I would be one of the ones supporting the selah int’l movement, id also wear it to charity events so people would ask about it and know that selah int’l was apart of the help..

  • Jarro Gaerlan

    I’d where my jersey while I snowboard. :)

  • Hannah Prior

    I would be gifting this jersey to my best friend in the world and love of my life, because he deserves all good things for being so good to me… we live the virgin islands, so he would be wearing it around the Caribbean :)

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