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Cutting Through The Wind With The Nissan Murano 2012

Cars 18 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

Driving in the open road, the Nissan Murano 2012 comes with a sleek aerodynamic exterior and a platinum interior that brings style, comfort, class, and a driving experience that you will definitely remember. This past week was a busy time of deadlines, meetings, and social events and the Murano was the destination agent in charge.

What’s good in the Hood?

When it comes to a crossover vehicle such as the Murano, it’s all about what’s underneath the hood because that determines the power and stability of your car. The 3.5 liter V6 engine has 260 horsepower with 240 lbs. of torque. With a full tank of gas, it can take you 475 miles at 24 mpg on the highway. Most Polynesians have last minute road trips to funerals or family functions that they need to attend so the Murano is perfect because you’ve got an engineered crossover vehicle ready to go. Having an all-wheel-drive whip that can adjust to weather and road conditions is important to the urban island consumer.


Sometimes when you have a busy schedule, you don’t realize what your interior features of your vehicle have to offer. The Nissan Murano leather interior design with cherry wood accents make you feel like you’re in a 4-star hotel. The platinum package comes fully loaded with LCD DVD monitors built in to the head rests with wireless headsets. You’ve got an infotainment screen system that satisfies all of your entertainment and car information needs. The Murano simply has it all from navigation to satellite radio, climate control adjustments to keep you warm or cool, and Bluetooth capabilities that you can sync your iPhone or Android to, play music, or answer your incoming calls.

Attending a family birthday party this past weekend, the 60/40 rear seat split allowed drinks, desserts, and two boxes of taro to load in the extra cargo space. Upon arrival to the party, the power liftgate of the trunk made it very easy to unload and keep the Murano clean from relatives with greasy barbecue hands. Once the party was done, I opened the dual moonroof cover so that the full moon can shine through the nice interior.


Nissan Murano 2012

The 2012 exterior of the Murano is nice from the top to the bottom. You have all season tires with aluminum alloy wheels and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights shining on the open road making it clear for any driver to see what’s in front of them. The aerodynamic style of the Murano is great because it’s not big and bulky like previous models which makes it easier to drive on a windy day. What the average urban island consumer doesn’t recognize is that because of the body style, the Murano cuts through the wind creating a less bumpy ride, which doesn’t suck up a lot of gas and power, making it a perfectly engineered crossover vehicle.

Starting at just $29,540, you can enjoy a 5-star vehicle that understands and is in tuned to the driver’s comfort needs and the road ahead of them. Polynesians in ancient times where known for their astronomical navigation out at sea. Their canoes were engineered in a way where it was sleek and fast on water and can glide on top of the coral reefs to pick up speed. Today, you’ve got the Nissan automotive engineers carefully crafting and creating a crossover vehicle with a dual moonroof to see the sunrise and sunset that can cut the winds and adjust to the road and weather conditions. Nothing feels better than to know that the Murano can navigate you safely to your destination, and that’s WhatItDo!

For more information on the Nissan Murano, you can visit their official website.

Review by: Elizabeth Lavulo

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