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PolySwagg in Full Effect with Upcoming Concert in Las Vegas

Entertainment, Exclusive 17 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Polynesian Health Concert

Las Vegas, NV – PolySwagg and Selah Int’l present the Polynesian Health Awareness Concert to be held at the South Point Casino Showroom in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday, February 9, 2012. The concert will address the issue of obesity in Polynesian communities and provide information that will help Polynesians live a healthier lifestyle. The event will be hosted by emcees RitaLove & The Brothers with performances by music artists Zhen, Seedless, Haleamano, and Tribal Theory. Polynesian fitness icon, Ms. Anna-Rita Sloss of Hot Hula Fitness will be in attendance as well as one family who will share their journey in battling health issues and making the necessary changes for a healthier lifestyle. Bios of some participants in and promoters of the Polynesian Health Awareness Concert are provided below.

PolySwagg is an organization under Diversified Coalition LLC that is dedicated to promoting Polynesian awareness in various fields including health, fitness, business, politics, community, entertainment, and sports. PolySwagg “is a rising movement among Polynesians expressing our mark in industries across the globe and among ALL ethnic backgrounds. ALL across the country we are rising and leading in many industries from sports and entertainment to business entrepreneurship and political campaigns.”[1]

RitaLove & The Brothers is an online radio show with the sole purpose of promoting all things positive when it comes to the Pacific Islander community. Although the idea is to cater to the Polynesian community, we have a diverse range of listeners and we welcome all of them. RitaLove & The Brothers consists of Margarita Satini, aka RitaLove, and John and Rufus Jr. Satini, aka The Brothers. These three siblings hail from Inglewood, CA but have now rooted themselves in Salt Lake City, UT. They are definitely a trio of comedy, news, and current events.[2]

The Noma’aea family will be the featured family at the concert. They have lost sister Crystal Lynn Luisa to a four-year fight with lupus, mother Rosie Fofoamaisasa’eoupu’asamoa Kuaea to a 40-plus year struggle with diabetes, and father Willie Uili to untreated high blood pressure. This family has learned the hard lesson that the life you live is definitely what you make of it and becoming more aware of health risks, learning more about health issues, and making necessary lifestyle changes can and will lead to a healthier life.[3]

PolySwagg and Baroque Events are holding a video contest for one lucky participant to win an Apple iPad. The following are the contest terms and conditions:

– Minimum age to enter is 12 years old
– Contest opens Monday, January 16, 2012 and closes Tuesday, January 31, 2012
– Submit a YouTube video stating your name, where you’re from, and answer this question: “What does PolySwagg mean to you and why?”
– Be CREATIVE in your response (i.e. sing, dance, rap, recite poetry, etc.)
– Minimum of 30 seconds; maximum of 90 seconds
– Group or individual video submissions are all welcomed!
– All videos will be judged by PolySwagg with CREATIVITY weighing heavily!
– Winner of the contest will be announced on Wednesday, February 8, 2012
– Video must be submitted to or posted on PolySwagg’s Facebook page.

Baroque Events is a top-notch service company with a primary focus on event concierge services. The Baroque Events team is comprised of Rosie Afo, Sala Afo, Tina Mapu, Crystal Ripley, and Gina Manuleleua. They bring talent, experience, and industry know-how to assist promoters with all hospitality-related tasks. Their unique approach and execution has earned them clients including R&B artist Jon B, promoter Kulture Shock, and Reggae/Urban Island artists J Boog, Common Kings, Finn Groovah, and PO Boxx.[4]

*Press Release provided by The WhatItDo and PolySwagg
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