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Exclusive interview with NBC’S Biggest Loser Contestant Ben Shuh

Entertainment, Exclusive 11 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
The Biggest Loser Ben Shuh

NBC’s Biggest Loser Season 13 contestants are faced with the challenge to make excuses or make a change. The Biggest Loser Ranch is where dreams come true and the contestants have to stay on the ranch in order to change their lives. Trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince have their work cut out for them this season as they will push each contestant past their limits. This episode forecasts another great season with unexpected twists and turns that should keep us all guessing.

TWID: Ben, where do you see yourself in five years as far as being healthy?

Ben Shuh: My hope in five years is that – I’ve always said I think ultimately for me, my weight should be somewhere between 220 or less. I think that would be a healthy weight range for myself. I’ve always said at one time in my life I’d like to get down to 199 again just to say I was in the 100’s, but I’m pretty tall so I’d be okay with 220 or less for the rest of my life. Five years from now, I just see maintaining weight loss and health and fitness, as well as my wife [who] is an avid runner. She typically runs like 5K’s and all that, and that used to be something that when she would you know, go sign-up and do one, I would just be like, ‘You know, that’s something I’m never going to do.’ I would like to actually do those with her. I’m not sure if I would really like it, but I would definitely like to do that – something like that together and just being healthy and just never be big again. You know, I don’t want to go back down the road that I was. There’s nothing good there.

TWID: Do you think that most of the issues that you face are a mind thing as far as weight loss?

Ben Shuh: For me it definitely was a mind thing. I think growing up, we always ate bad. There was never diets. We were always fit as children because we always played sports and that sort of kept our bodies in check. But once the sports went away and not learning to enjoy exercising – we always exercised, but it was always for, you know, an end. So for wrestling, it was to win a state title, or to win a match, or you know football to win a game and stuff. So once that was over, I didn’t really learn the experience of enjoying exercise or why I was doing this exercise. So once the season was over, so was the exercise. And so I definitely am looking forward to enjoying exercise and making it a part of my daily routine just because it’s enjoyable.

Ben volunteered to be sent home because he misses his family and feels that he has learned all he needed in one week to be able to go home and lose the weight on his own with his family. We will see who has the drive and the determination to survive each week and who can overcome their weakness of NO EXCUSES.

-Article Written by: Katalina Kaufusi
*Photo courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

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