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The WhatItDo Urban Island Review Rating Scale

Exclusive 19 Dec 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
Lopeti Etu

The WhatItDo is now not only a source for features on Urban Island artists and events, but also a source for getting real (cuz we keep it real) ratings from a Polynesian perspective. Check out our rating key below and see how we’ll be letting you know wassup with recent, current, or future events.

WWWW: Definitely WhatItDo! – It was amazing and I’m blown away! I would recommend it to all my folks, hands down! Swagged! Memorable! I’ll “Like” on FB, tweet about it, and come back or use it again or buy another. It’s tight and you’ve got my respect.

WWW: Thas Wassup! – I like, I like! Nice. It could use a little more swag but definitely worthy of a second take. I’ll recommend it. Tweetable.

WW: Aight – I still like you but you need improvement. Good effort. Maybe not for everyone but it’s aight. I might recommend it to a few folks. I’ve had, seen, or heard better. No tweet.

The WhatItDo Rating Scale

W: WhatItDon’t – Disappointed. Still needs a lot of work and maybe needs a consultation with someone to help you out. Not memorable and please go back to the drawing board. I’m confused and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Not even worthy of conversation. No recommendation. Definitely no tweet.

0 means ZERO – Hell no! Never again. Adios. Bye bye. Waste of time. Horrible. You suck – Sorry ‘bout it! I am going to recommend you. . . to the garbage!

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