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GLAMsoul Star: Miranda Nicole

Entertainment, Music 07 Dec 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s the city where music labels such as LaFace and So So Def have risen, and where incredible songwriters and producers that influence a collective in the music industry especially in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B have come from – it’s Atlanta, GA aka the ATL. But behind the power house music city, you have an Urban Island music artist who’s soaring in her music career.

She was born and raised in Inglewood, CA, and early on she moved to Georgia for high school where she attended Riverdale High and graduated with R & B music singer Ciara. During that time she started modelling and travelling the world experiencing new things. Miranda Nicole settled in Atlanta and began her trek in the music scene. Being half black and half Fijian, her family has supported her in her journey thus far and what she has been able to create for yourself is nothing less than amazing. Working with top producers and songwriters in Atlanta and opening up for top music groups, Miranda Nicole is driven and focused which has made her fierce in accomplishing her goals.

TWID: Who have you worked for?

Miranda Nicole: First of all, when I first started, I was in a group called Five Star and there we met a lot of people and where I’ve recorded with Jazzy Pha. I’ve done references for Chris Henderson where he did the “Blame It” record for Jamie Foxx. I’ve gotten some music in and written with Bangaledesh which he did Lil Wayne’s record “A Milli”.

TWID: Tell us more about your music and style.

Miranda Nicole: My music and movement is called GLAMsoul. And what GLAMsoul is, it’s a deep mix of Deep House,Euro-Pop, and eclectic Soul music. A couple of years ago I discovered how it really just stuck with me. It influences me and the way it makes me feel is incredible. When I discovered House music, it helped me find myself as an artist and it defined what I wanted to sound like. I’m not just a House artist, but I feel like what it does and the core of it is and what it does to people. GLAMsoul is what it’s called. But I was a spoken word performance poet all through college where I attended Savannah State University. I started writing poetry in middle school. In college I joined a spoken word group called Word and with that it took me to a level of being very expressive. Writing and performing at Savannah State was amazing and when I got back from college I started a songwriters group called 5 Star with a couple of my friends from high school. Now it has transformed into a lifestyle group. A lot of people are opposed to things that are different and not what they are used to. That’s where GLAMsoul really came in because people wanted the glam but we can give them that and nothing’s wrong with that but then we have to reach a little deeper and that’s what the Soul is. It’s music, it’s movement, and am hopeful that it will help to encourage people and keep them on the right track.

TWID: What can you share with other music artists that are pursuing music?

Miranda Nicole: To live in the moment. And I have to tell myself to live in the moment, but if I live in the moment, I would be so emotional through this whole entire interview. Sometimes you never think it’s gonna happen, but then you hope it does. Everything we put our minds to is possible. Sometimes we feel that we have to be big and strong or have a lot of money but you can never underestimate the power of perseverance. I just remember growing up and always thinking bigger than what was around me, being faithful but still being thankful for whatever the situation was. I’m here and I’m still doing what I love and I’m halfway right. I feel way more, I feel like more together than what a lot of people anticipated me to be. The same thing applies to me now that I’m grown. Life is a continuum of ups and downs of beautiful things but every day we can create our reality – how we wanna think, we wanna treat others, and you can manifest anything with a positive attitude.

TWID: What do you currently have in the works?

Miranda Nicole: I have a single out called “Kissing You” that is currently playing here in New York City on WDLS 107.5 and for being an independent artist it’s kind of amazing to even have a song on the radio and it gets a pretty nice spin so I am just grateful. It is ranked #14 on the top 100 singles in 2011. People can find that record on and you can download it. It’s $11 and you get 8 songs and I’m so excited.

TWID: How can we find you online?

Miranda Nicole: You can find me on YouTube. My YouTube page is glamsoulstar. Everything online is GlamSoulStar. Twitter and Facebook are both GlamSoulStar. You can also find my music on reverbnation as well.

The rise of this GLAMsoul Star has not only caught fire in the ATL and throughout the east coast performing in New York, Boston, and New Jersey. She hopes to make her way out to California and the West Coast in the new year to show some GLAMsoul love in the music scene. Miranda Nicole’s humility and grateful character and what she has been able to accomplish thus far means the sky’s the limit for her. Her positive attitude in music is inspiring because it exudes confidence. Being able to create her own Pop eclectic Soul sound, Miranda Nicole is more than halfway right, she’s on her way to new and exciting heights and that’s WhatItDo!

-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo
*photos courtesy of Miranda Nicole
*YouTube video courtesy of GlamSoulStar

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