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A WhatItDo Exclusive: NBC’s Biggest Loser Ramone Medeiros

Entertainment, Exclusive 30 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Another great week of NBC’s “Biggest Loser” comes to an end as we bid farewell to Ramone Medeiros. Approaching the Thanksgiving holiday last week started off with a temptation where the contestants were placed in a room filled with 100 plates of food and given the option to eat to win prizes. This is a great reminder to America that the average person eats about 4,500 calories at a Thanksgiving meal. In the challenge, the contestants needed to climb Jacob’s ladder which was 5,280 feet high. One week away from makeover week, the contestants were sure to try their hardest so that they could be given the power to give one person a one pound disadvantage at the weigh-in. In the end Ramone Medeiros was sent home a new and transformed person and most importantly he was able to beat his diabetes.

TWID: Is there anything you felt in the competition or on the show that you could have done differently?

Ramone Medeiros: I think that now that I look back, you know, there’s really nothing that I would have changed, you know, because I – as it unfolded every day, you know, I did everything at 100%, everything my exact hardest. And the way the numbers fell, you know, what had happened every day was meant to happen and that’s truly how I feel. You know, I was there; I was brought there for a reason and it saved my life and everything happens exactly how it’s planned in God’s life.

TWID: We cater to a lot of Polynesians. Where do you see yourself for the next couple of years as far as staying healthy and what kind of advice can you give to our people who love to eat?

Ramone Medeiros: Right, you know, for me it’s a lot with the Hawaiian culture, and you know Hawaiian food especially, it’s about changing, you know, it’s about changing what you do. Changing that white rice over brown rice, changing your quantity, you know, doing everything in moderation. I mean, you know, I’ve helped my dad, you know, and he – me and him, I mean, well we love white rice, you know, we eat it at every meal and now we’ve changed to brown rice and we’ve changed to just cup, not a plateful. We cut out the mac salad, you know, sorry to say but that’s what we had to do. You can still enjoy your food big time in your culture, but just do it in moderation. Once you get to that point in a healthy lifestyle you can add back in everything you want.

In our Polynesian culture our people continue to struggle with unhealthy eating habits leading them to acquire illnesses such as diabetes, gout, and heart problems. Every event is intertwined with massive amounts of food and we as Polynesians just love to eat it, hungry or not. Ramon gives great advice which we all already know but need to discipline ourselves to follow that advice. We can break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits with discipline and determination. Becoming a newly transformed person with a healthier lifestyle just as Ramone has done is WhatItDo.

-Article Written by: Katalina Kaufusi
*Article Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC Universal

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