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A WhatItDo Exclusive: NBC’s The Sing-Off Season 3 Winners Pentatonix

Entertainment, Events, Exclusive 29 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Last night’s Season Finale of one of prime time television’s music shows “The Sing-Off” on NBC was the show to tune into. The three remaining groups performed one last time collectively and individually for America to see. Special performances included the legendary Smokey Robinson accompanied by hot a cappella Jazz group Afro Blue, Ben Folds accompanied by the Dartmouth Aires with audience participation, and host Nick Lachey gave a solid rock star performance with Pentatonix. If you weren’t tuned in, I don’t know what you were doing but it was a must-see extravaganza and the Sony Studios block was hot.

With each performance the anticipation grew as we awaited to see who America voted as “The Sing-Off” champions. Watching the faces of each group was so intense that you could feel their nervousness as everyone wondered who would remain after the group in third place would get eliminated. When host Nick Lachey announced that Urban Method will be going home, they sang their swan song and left the stage. Excitement was in the air to find out this season’s winner and the viewers voted the Lone Star State of Texas’ a cappella music group sensation Pentatonix as the winners.

After the show, The WhatItDo had the wonderful opportunity of catching up with Pentatonix.

TWID: What are 3 WhatItDos of why “The Sing-Off” is so hot?

Scott Hoying: It has really really talented singers that sing live and sing well.

Mitch Grassi: Everyone dresses well.

Kevin Olusola: The judges are amazing.

Scott Hoying: They (judges) are really skilled in what they do and what they say is actually very constructive criticism instead of like being mean to be mean.

TWID: What would your advice be to those that aspire to be on next season’s “The Sing-Off”?

Mitch Grassi: Don’t be scared to go for it. And once you actually make it, you have to work very hard, but it’s all worth it. And even though you don’t win at the end, it’s still a life-changing experience.

Kirstin Maldonado: There will definitely be some long hours and stuff but it’s all so worth it and rewarding when you get on that stage. And when you’re working with those other groups, it’s just so amazing and so family oriented and there’s no hostility and it was the most incredible experience we’ve all have ever had. So, I’m excited for next season’s auditioners and performers. I think it’s gonna be an amazing season.

From the beginning of the season and with only five members in the group, Pentatonix’s sound filled the entire stage as if they had a full-fledged band backing them up. The creativity in music arrangement and the vocal ability that comes out of this group is more than amazing. They’re off the hook! Every performance they gave electrified the stage especially with their unforgettable smooth bass beats. Hip-Hop artists create their music on beat machines but Pentatonix brings the heat naturally with their voices. Singing hits from Janis Joplin to Marvin Gaye and many others and performing each song in their own one-of-a-kind way is exactly the reason why Pentatonix is this season’s winner. The best part of it all is that they kept it real with themselves and didn’t change to conform to anything or anyone but stayed true to their unique sound which makes them definitely WhatItDo!

For more information on NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, please visit their official website and/or follow them on Twitter. You can also follow Pentatonix on Twitter, or check them out on Facebook.

-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo

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