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A WhatItDo Exclusive: Meet The Sing-Off’s Nick Lachey, Sara Bareilles & Joel Gallen

Entertainment, Music 23 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

As the season finale of “The Sing-Off” quickly approaches, only three groups remain in the competition and Season 3 has been nothing but phenomenal to watch. The groups that performed this past week brought their A-game to the table and the audience and viewers that tuned in felt each performance as each group gave it their all. With that being said, this week the WhatItDo had a chance to chime in with Nick Lachey (host of the show), Joel Gallen (executive producer), and Sara Bareilles (judge) and asked about their thoughts on the show and this is what they had to say.

TWID: How has the experience of hosting this season’s “The Sing-Off” been for you?

Nick Lachey: It’s been phenomenal. It’s… when you’re a musician and you come from a singing background specifically one that focused a lot on a cappella music as I have… it’s just a real joy to be around so many talented people and talented groups who have a passion for what they do. These people are also happy and at the heart, at the root of it, they just love what they do and that passion, that excitement, and that energy is just contagious. It’s contagious for me as a host and I think it’s certainly contagious for the judges week in and week out. It’s just… and it’s really hard to call it work oftentimes because it really is just so much fun to be a part of something that celebrates great music like “The Sing-Off” does.

TWID: Joel, as executive producer of “The Sing-Off”, what do you hope to accomplish by the end of Season 3?

Joel Gallen: Well, I really hope that we’ve made some type of impression on the audience where now we’re three seasons into it and obviously this was our biggest season. And I really feel like we’ve proven ourselves as far as a viable music series that could be on the air for many, many seasons to come. As far as the talent of the groups that we’re able to enlist who participate in this show, it’s a very pleasing and fulfilling musical experience with these groups even without the benefit of any instruments, doing it all with their voices. And I think the most satisfying thing for me would be is if whoever our champion is, could actually have some success and find an audience and sell some records and get some great iTunes exposure. I think that, to me, is when we really feel like we’ve accomplished our mission because that really is what it’s all about is finding this talent and figuring out who’s going to be the best of the best and the audience will want to go out and see them in concert and listen to their music beyond “The Sing-Off” and I really hope that this season will be that season where that happens.

TWID: Sara, being the only female judge on the panel and this being your first season to join “The Sing-Off”, as a singer yourself, how has this experience been for you?

Sara Bareilles: This has been an amazing experience. It’s broadened my horizons in a lot of different ways. I kind of didn’t know exactly what I was getting into in terms of television in this capacity but I mean, the show is really built around a lot of wonderful people who really want the best for these contestants, and I’m sitting here as a fan getting a front row performance every night, watching these incredible groups. It’s challenging in certain ways. It’s really tough to be critical of people especially when you’re coming first and foremost as a fan but I think I’ve sort of found my way along the season and felt very welcomed from moment one and I’m really proud of the show. I think it’s doing wonderful things for the type of show that gets seen on television and I know in terms of the feedback that I’ve received is that there’s a lot of fans out there for this show that really feel passionately about these groups and want to see them succeed.

From week to week, watching “The Sing-Off” has been so addicting because I can feel the passion and how these artists sing with their souls which moves everyone who watches them. Every episode I can feel the energy of the groups such as Dartmouth Aires, Urban Method, and Pentatonix and feel them bring the heat every week. Catching up with Nick, Sara, and Joel, it is clear that all they want is for the show and the groups to be successful and that’s WhatItDo!

-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo
*article photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Television/ Lewis Jacob

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