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Rudebwoy Entertainment presents The Return of FIJI

Events, Music 18 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Rudebwoy Entertainment held their “Return of Fiji” concert in Santa Clara, CA at Club Avalon and the WhatItDo crew was in the building to bring you the experience. George “Fiji” Veikoso is the most well-known music artist amongst Pacific islanders and he has remained on top of the game for over two decades. His humility and soft-spoken personality has gained him the love of fans who remain loyal to him. There were a lot of local independent artists that opened the stage for Fiji including The Servants, Hot Rain, Lost Coast Sound, Alo Keys, and many others. But the reason why we were there was because our legendary friend who has been featured on the WhatItDo has finally hit the stage for the first time in a while and we wanted to bring it to you in full effect.

Check out hosts IsaGirl and DivineFijian as they catch up with the fans, the promoters who made it all happen, and Fiji himself.

  • Isagirl33

    Big Up to RudeBwoy Entertainment for showing mad LOVE to our Whatitdo Team. Danny from Rudebwoy made it all go down smoothly for us the whole night. Everything was in order, well planned, security was great. Loved all the vendors that came out selling tight Island gear! I was very impressed with the turnout. Fiji was on point, HotRain out of Hawaii was in the house… Alo Keys was there… If you didin’t make it out, you missed out. Big up to Reggae Music! It unites us all.

    One Love, Isagirl

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