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Music That’s On Point!

Music 18 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It was a surreal experience for the men of Vocal Point to be a part of “The Sing-Off” this season and it was an even greater feeling for each of the 9 members to be a part of the Top 5. This past week was intense because the competition was at its finest. This week’s performances were centered around R&B hits and R&B classics with each group performing twice and they weren’t making any of the judges jobs any easier. Sara Barailles, Shawn Stockman, and Ben Folds were attentive to every detail of tuning and how each group sang and delivered this very soulful style of music. The judges felt that Vocal Point wasn’t able to really bring that Rhythm and Blues sound to advance them to the final four and so the guys from Provo, UT bow and exit the stage. The WhatItDo got the chance to speak to three of the members of Vocal Point – Jake Hunsaker, McKay Crockett and Tyler Sterling.

When asked what was their favorite performance, Jake Hunsaker said, ”I really enjoyed performing the Elvis medley because that showcased our strengths as a whole group.” But there were a lot of performances where their talents showed and our WhatItDo favorite performance would have to be when they laid it down on Bobby Brown with “Every Little Step I Take.”

Although judge Sara Barailles felt like she wasn’t “lost in the performance” and judge Shawn Stockman shares that he couldn’t feel “the character of the record” in Vocal Point’s performance of The Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, McKay Crockett shares his thoughts and says, ”We were proud of our performance and even though we weren’t able to advance in the competition, we were just grateful to perform on a stage with amazing groups with amazing talents.”

As the competition advances into the finals on “The Sing-Off”, it can be anyone’s competition because the caliber of talent is the best of the best. When asked which group out of the four remaining has a chance to win, Hunsaker weighed in and subtly said, ”I love watching Pentatonix and to see what they come up with every week. There’s only 5 of them and it’s amazing what comes out of them each week.” Tyler Sterling said, ”I love to watch choirs perform and the Dartmouth Aires have been nothing but a joy to watch.”

The humility of these Mormon guys from BYU showed that they were very sincere, grateful, and all-around good-hearted guys that just wanted to share a message of happiness and joy through song and dance on an a capella platform. “We want all the fans to know that we are grateful for their love and support through this whole experience and we want them to know that we are humbled and we love them,” says McKay Crockett.

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-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo
*article photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Television/ Lewis Jacob
*YouTube video courtesy petitoiseau1

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