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The Chameleon » Comedienne and Actress Cocoa Brown

Entertainment 17 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

There’s hot chocolate and then there’s Cocoa Brown. The first is a hot beverage the latter is the hottest comedienne on the circuit. If you haven’t heard of her, you’ve probably seen her and didn’t even know it. She is everywhere. She is the chameleon of comedy and many other endeavors as well. Her resume of work runs the gambit. She is a series regular on BET’s Comic View, she has co-starred on such shows as AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, “The Young and the Restless”, and “ER.” She has had guest star roles on NBC’s “Las Vegas”, and two of MTV’s shows, “Room 401” and “Next”. Her film credits include Lakewood Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson, American Carol with Kelsey Grammar, Hittin’ the Bricks with Dr. Dre, Blue Moon, Robbin’ in da Hood, and Mahogany Blues. She also appeared in the cutting-edge comedy, Biting Personalities from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Brown is slated to star in director John Singleton’s new film, Fight for Love with Tyrese Gibson and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson, not to mention, another feature film entitled The Anchor, where Brown plays a dramatic and dark role and she is looking forward to being able to flex her drama skills.

When asked about her comedy, “I’m the chameleon,” Brown says, ”I can do whatever needs to be done. My preference is grown people’s comedy, but I can do anything from gospel comedy to Christian, clean, or corporate comedy.” Cocoa Brown’s brand of comedy holds a mirror up to your face and has a truthfulness that makes us laugh at ourselves. Her comedic genius is both hilarious and honest. She has been described as being a dab of Richard Pryor with a dash of Jerry Lewis and a teaspoon of Marilyn Monroe with a cup of Whoopi Goldberg.

Brown minored in theater and has been acting since she was ten years old. When she saw the opportunity for an easy A, she took it. She had always been known by her close friends to have a funny and witty personality, but she never considered comedy or acting as a career. After graduating from college, Brown’s mindset was on being a professional woman like Connie Chung or Claire Huxtable. Brown said, “I wanted to be that woman with the Chanel suit walking into the courtroom with a Gucci briefcase.”

It wasn’t till after Brown graduated from college, when as a favor to a friend, she hosted a comedy show. This is when she found that she had the gift of comedy and when the comedy bug bit her. Brown says that her first love will always be comedy, but she is finding that, right now, she is really enjoying acting. She enjoys being able to transform into another character.

What motivates Cocoa Brown in a business where the players are knocked down left and right? Brown is motivated by the whole picture. Brown says, “…putting together a body of work, one day when I am long gone, somebody will look at my work and say, ‘I would like to model my career after her’.” Another incentive that drives her is being able to provide for her family. She also realizes that there are young girls that look up to her now. Brown wants to be a good role model. She realizes that she needs to remain positive and be in a good light at all times.

Brown says that the biggest lesson she has learned in the entertainment industry is you are only as good as your last audition. This is the one business where it doesn’t matter how much training you have. It doesn’t matter who you know. You are only as good as your last audition. So, don’t beat yourself up on what you do not accomplish and rejoice in what you do accomplish. All we can say to that is, Amen. Thank heaven for hot chocolate and thank heaven for the hot comedienne/actress Cocoa Brown the Chameleon.

You can follow Cocoa Brown on Twitter and Facebook or check out her schedule on her official website and see her live!

-Article Written by: Aiona Kaufusi
*article photos courtesy of Cocoa Brown Productions
*YouTube video courtesy of cocoabeware

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