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Refuse to Lose with Shanica Knowles

Entertainment, Music 14 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry takes no prisoners. If you don’t look the part, act the part or fit the mole, your trip to the top feels like a ton of weights on your back while going uphill on roller skates. Yet even with that much pressure, she defies the law of gravity and will persevere. Shanica (pronounced Shan-ick-a) Knowles is one determined young lady who despite challenges, is not going to give up until she is respected doing the music she loves.

You may recognize her from her recurring role on Disney’s hit show “Hannah Montana” as Amber Addison, a vivacious bitter rival to Miley Cyrus. Knowles doesn’t have much in common with the character she portrayed except for that voice! Knowles can sing! She shares with TheWhatItDo that “being on the show was fun! We were like a real life happy family.” She learned a lot from the cast members, the crew, and producers and her appreciation was soon to pay off. Naturally, when working on a big set of a successful show featured on a huge network, the pool of professionals is serious and Knowles made sure they knew she was in the building!

Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Knowles grew up an only child with a musical talent that was undeniable. She started singing at the age of 4, played guitar at 7, sang and played guitar together at 9, and began writing her own music by 12. That’s WhatItDo! She started to enter local competitions singing Country. After recognizing that her talent was too big for local circuits, Knowles’ parents sacrificed everything and moved to LA to jump-start a professional career for their little superstar.

Although actors and actresses have done the crossover to music and vice versa, for Knowles it’s been a challenge. Relentless in her efforts, Knowles, who is now 20, is not going to sit idly by and not be accepted as a contender in Pop/Rock music. Her style is a mixture of Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift. That combination is WhatItDo! The challenge in getting signed is not her vocal skill or obvious talent but her look. She is a black female in a genre that is immersed by white artists. “They always say they love me but no one will take a chance. They’re lazy to market me,” says Knowles. She is determined to do the music that she loves and not conform to what some may feel would be a better suit for her. “It’s going to take a wise person to get me, and my strategy is to make them accept me in this genre. They won’t be sorry.” Regardless of the image demons of the music circus, Knowles is in the studio recording and writing music. Currently, she is working with Brian Kennedy and is producing some real Grammy material that she is excited about. It’s just a matter of time before she breaks through the glass ceiling and is respected.

Knowles is the kind of woman that young girls should aspire to be in their pursuit of happiness. From “Hannah Montana” to the recording studio, she is going to stay true to her passion, work hard, and stay undefeated by what society deems fit. She is an icon in her own right and shows that even through challenges she is going to make it to the top and that’s WhatItDo!

For more information on Shanica Knowles, you can find her on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or you can visit her official website.

-Article Written by: RAEN
*article photos courtesy of Who’s Harris Entertainment
*YouTube video courtesy of mellyjuan7

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