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Fresh Da Def » The Garage Skate Shop

Fashion 11 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
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If you’re looking for the latest and best skate gear and streetwear in Southern California, you only need to go to one place – the Garage. Located in Huntington Beach, CA, the Garage has positioned itself to be the go-to shop for all things urban, skate, street, and fresh. The WhatItDo is always ready and excited to highlight the best of Southern California and the Garage is exactly that.

TWID: How did you guys decide on the name, Garage, and how did the shop all come about?

Garage: Originally the store opened in 1995 under the name “Jack’s Garage”. Jack’s Surfboards wanted to offer more skate and snow products so they expanded into another store 2 doors down from the Huntington Beach surf shop. The small new location was kind of like a garage for the big store.

TWID: What can you share about what it takes to open a shop and keep business flowing?

Garage: The best way to open a shop is to make sure you know what you’re selling and who you are selling the product to. You have to stay on top of the industry to make sure you keep bringing in the latest product as well as try to make your shop distinct in the marketplace.

TWID: What sets the Garage apart from other shops that are similar to it?

Garage: I think our selection of product. We offer so many brands and because of our relationships with the brands, we are able to get exclusive products just for our shop.

TWID: What do you sell at the Garage? Any specialty or niche market items?

Garage: We sell skate and streetwear brands, skateboards, shoes, clothing, and all the accessories. We try and offer exclusive and tough-to-find products to our customer. We don’t carry snow gear here anymore. All of the snowboards and snow gear will stay in the surf shops (Jack’s Surfboards).

TWID: What brands can we find at the Garage?

Garage: Vans, Nike SB, Crooks and Castles, Volcom, JSLV, the Hundreds, Neff, Stussy, Girl Skateboards, Primitive, Black Label, Alien Workshop, DC, Huf, Analog, Brixton, Oakley, Plan B, RVCA, Matix, Toy Machine, the Berrics, Obey, Fresh Jive, Diamond, Element, Kr3w, Altamont, Supra, Comune, and more.

TWID: Have you guys collaborated with any of these name brands?

Garage: Nike SB and Vans.

TWID: Do you guys design your own merchandise? If so, who designs and from where do they draw inspiration?

Garage: Yes we design our own merchandise. Design efforts come from an in-house creative director with tons of help and input from buyers, store managers, and freelance designers.

TWID: Are there any items that are exclusively sold at the Garage?

Garage: Yes, when we do SMU (Special Make Up) products with some of the brands.

TWID: What are your plans for the Garage in the near future? Any upcoming store events or sales?

Garage: We have a new store opening in Dana Point next door to Jack’s Surfboards towards the end of November so we will be doing a Grand Opening Party for that in early December.

TWID: What do you hope customers will enjoy and love about the Garage?

Garage: We offer what most shops can’t – a great atmosphere with a large section of hard goods and brands that are hard to find. It’s a destination location for any sneakerhead, skater, or just someone into clothing.

Collaborating with Nike SB and Vans and providing exclusive, hard-to-find products is exactly what gives the Garage a leg up in the skate and streetwear markets. As one of the biggest NIKE SB dealers in the world and with their newly launched website (, the Garage is ready to satisfy the needs and wants of every skater, sneakerhead, and urban clothing fanatic out there. Southern California has everything you need for a laid back lifestyle and the Garage has everything you need to rock that lifestyle in the freshest gear.

Follow the Garage on Twitter and Facebook! If you text THEGARAGE (in-store specials) or THEGARAGEONLINE (online specials) to 69302, you can get exclusive deals only available through text!

-Article Written by: Juliet Uata

*Photos courtesy of Jesse Fulton
*Video courtesy of Ceremony Visual Arts

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