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And Then There Was Delilah

Entertainment, Music 11 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

The gorgeous women of music group Delilah, who performed on NBC’s hit show “The Sing-Off”, are a group of women that brought in a heatwave of vocal talent, stage presence and last but not least hotness. This past week’s challenge was Rock and Country and each group had to perform a song from each genre. Every group that performed was nervous because anyone could’ve been eliminated depending on their song choice and execution of their performance. As the competition continues and the stakes get higher, Delilah’s performance unfortunately wasn’t enough to secure them a spot in the top five.

TWID: Out of all your performances on “The Sing-Off”, which one was your favorite one to perform?

Hannah Juliano: Probably “Grenade” [by Bruno Mars] and Alicia Keys. They both were ones that just, they clicked and so it wasn’t as much of a struggle to perfect the song as it was to just, or it wasn’t much of a struggle to really beat the song and try and outsmart it to really give a great performance as it was just perfecting something that kind of was great from the start. A lot of our songs sprouted from us having to deconstruct it and find how to make it work for us and both of those songs just kind of naturally worked for us.

TWID: Which judge did you and your group connect with the most?

Hannah Juliano: I’m going to say Shawn. I feel like he got us; he got our platform most of the time. We have a pretty special relationship and very different with each of the judges, you know, Sara being the girl, we always felt like she was rooting for us. But there was something special about Shawn. Every time he commented on us we always had a special kinship. They don’t, you know, show it, but, you know, he was always pointing to us and saying, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ and telling us too, when we were struggling in the guilty pleasure after we had been saved the second time, he looked at us and said, ‘Come on, I know you can do it, ladies.’ I’m sure each of the girls have different opinions, but that’s just my standpoint. We loved all the judges so much. They were always so great to us.

TWID: When you guys found yourselves in the bottom two, what were some of the things you and the girls did to stay positive?

Hannah Juliano: Well, the group is really special and we didn’t really know how special it was until we were in it because we formed the group for the show. So it was all very quick and we were finding our identity in real-time on the show, so that’s what I think is really interesting about the group. It kind of changes from what we thought we were going to be on the show to what we actually ended up being and what we felt a connection with. I think being in the bottom two the first time was a big shock to us because we had come out of the gate so strong in our first two songs. There was always a very, very positive energy about us and we were all so close, truly a sisterhood. We were always constantly uplifting each other. Our strategy was just letting it all go and remembering what it’s all about and that it’s about the music and connecting to it and sharing a message with the audience. So whenever we would just breathe and relax and try and forget about the judges, then the challenges and the competition, it really seemed to click for us.

TWID: How can the fans find Delilah online?

Hannah Juliano: They can find us everywhere. We are constantly online. We love checking up on the YouTube videos and answering fans there. We’re all on Twitter. We all have individual Twitters and then the actual group’s Twitter is @singdelilah.We’ve got a Facebook fan page that if they just search Delilah it will pop up. And we’re working on getting a website to make it kind of centralized outside of Facebook and Twitter. We are all over the Internet. And if they find us on those two outlets, we are constantly answering fans and saying hello and thank you and spreading the love. We love them all so much.

These young women are full of life and love and it exudes from each and everyone of them. Their amazing vocal talent showcased on “The Sing-Off” has created an instant fan base that they will continue to nurture through music. Like the words of Tom Jones, “And I’ll be making history like I do. You’ll know it’s all because of you. We can do whatever we want to. Hey there Delilah here’s to you. This one’s for you.”

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-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo
*article photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Television/ Lewis Jacob
*YouTube video courtesy of voices2beheard

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