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Come on Down with Baby Downn

Music 01 Nov 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Music inspires people every day and in Carson, CA where a highly concentrated population of Samoans reside comes the rise of Gee’rage Music. An independent record label and music company, Gee’rage Music has a strong presence in their community with seasoned music artists Gangsta Ridd from the Booyah Tribe and Brownzville’s Baby Downn. These guys have a combined music experience of close to 20 years. With their experience and drive, Gee’rage stays steady in their grind for the love of music. Developing their passion started in the garage, where they grew up and lived music, thus the name Gee’rage Music. With a solid collective of rappers and a producer, Baby Downn leads the pack and is making moves with his “PLAY IT FORWARD” concept online and The WhatItDo catches up with him to see what’s good in his music movement.

TWID: What is your music style and what is your lyrical content about?

Baby Downn – My music is like you said. I really concentrate on the lyrical content and speak on what’s real in my life and what I feel that other people can relate to. And with the music, I like that old school, I like that funk, and smooth grooves. And you know I’m more old school with it
and what I feel that other people can relate too.

TWID: How long have you been rapping?

Baby Downn: I’ve been rapping forever. I started with a group back in 1998. Me and my partner Cartoon had a group called Brownzville and we dropped an album. I’ve been rapping I would say for about a good 15 years.

TWID: Why do you do music?

Baby Downn: Strictly for the love. It is my passion also. You can inspire and change lives through music and it has continued to inspire me to do music.

TWID: What do you hope to accomplish?

Baby Downn: I would like to build this company (Gee’rage Music) huger than anything and just to help anybody who has the passion to do music and don’t have the avenues and don’t know how to go about it, and help them out with music.

With his “PLAY IT FORWARD” concept, Baby Downn is penetrating the online game with free downloaded music. He has his eye on the prize and is confident his music group is moving solid and forward from a grass roots effort utilizing the power of the Internet to be heard and to be seen. Through his struggle and ups and downs in the pursuit of his music, he continues to pump out tracks like a factory and you can’t knock the music hustle and flow of that.

For more information on Baby Downn, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and visit his official website.

Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo
*article photo courtesy of Gee’rage music
*YouTube video courtesy of Gee’rage music

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