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Breaking The Cycle with Derrex Brady

Entertainment 21 Oct 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

With his youthful demeanor and charismatic smile, actor Derrex Brady poses a classic 1-2-3 combination with a music jab, an acting right, and a writing left hook that will get him the respect he deserves and a TKO to add to his record! Starting a little late in the game has not hindered his career as an actor but has allowed him to use his maturity to portray an array of roles. He looks as if he doesn’t age which might play to his advantage and longevity in a harsh industry.

Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Brady stayed close to his roots after moving to Orange County, CA where he was raised by a single mother and had a severed relationship with his father. As a child, his mother made him watch movies with her and although he watched reluctantly, he established a profound respect for cinema. His first time in the entertainment ring was performing for the group Project X who recorded an album for Interscope Records. After success of the release of their single “Everyday Thing,” Brady transitioned his career from music to acting.

His first gig was a commercial for Orange Slice which gained him exposure but work came to a stand still and then, saved by the bell, he landed a role in the independent film The Others. He did a few rounds on the critically acclaimed Lifetime drama series in the late 90’s, “Any Day Now,” which is about two women who maintain a friendship despite their race during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. Brady was heavily impacted by the racism that still existed in the South. “It made things real for me. It’s not history. It’s the present,” said Brady. He’s played a son on two CBS TV shows, “The District” and “The Agency,” and has made appearances on shows like “Roswell” and “Popular.” For a short time, he was without work as often actors in the industry experience. “I didn’t look young enough to play a son or old enough to play a man.” Brady took some jabs from the industry but not enough to put him out of the ring.

Derrex Brady

Currently, Brady is co-producing the film, The Championship Rounds. This is an independent project that he is excited to share. Brady says, “The gravity and concept of the film is phenomenal.” The story is about a deaf African-American boxer who is not just fighting in the ring but is fighting the non-believers. “It’s about breaking the cycle and raising awareness about the deaf community.” The film has personal relevance. Brady was not raised by his father and claims, “He did the best he could.” Today, Brady’s greatest accomplishment is being a father of four boys and raising them with his “cornerwoman”, his wife. “I want to make sure I break the cycle and be what my father wasn’t to me.” Brady is definitely a contender and regardless of how he started, he’s confident that he knows where he’s going. He’s never going to be on the rope. He’s a fighter! Now, are you ready to rumble?

Keep up with Derrex Brady on Facebook, Twitter, and follow up on his upcoming film The Championship Rounds on the film’s official website. Check out the video below of Brady’s work.

Article Written By: RAEN
*photos courtesy of Quantum Leap Entertainment
*YouTube video courtesy of bogatz1

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