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What Lies Beneath » Reality TV Stars, Real and Chance

Entertainment 20 Oct 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Just about every network today has some kind of reality show that we just can’t live without. Take your pick from “Jersey Shore”, “The Real Housewives” series, “Bad Girls Club,” the list goes on. Sadly, however, reality television has been a genre that seems superficial and vulgar, until now. There are some positive reality shows but not many, and Real and Chance are going to lead us in the winds of change. In no particular order, the top three favorite things on the list of most women are chocolate, beautiful men, and a really good reality show. What if you could combine these three favorite things? Two handsome, silky, smooth, chocolate-skinned men on a reality show that you could really sink your teeth into. Real and Chance fit the bill in this situation. Beauty is only skin deep but what we really want to know is what lies beneath.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, there is no way that you could not know of the reality show brothers Real and Chance are from. They star in VH1’s most popular television series, “Of Love.” We first came to know and love Real and Chance in the reality show “I Love New York” where the two brothers fought to prove their love for Tiffany Pollard, better known as “New York” from another reality TV hit, “Flavor of Love”. If you didn’t know, Real and Chance (given names are Ahmad and Kamal Givens) are music producers and Arabian horse breeders. The brother with the “real” long hair is Ahmad Givens better known as Real. He is the romantic and suave brotha. The other is Kamal Givens, better known as Chance. He is the charming but intense and outspoken playa that the ladies must have.

Real and Chance’s latest joint venture was on VH1 again with a show called “Real and Chance: Legend Hunters”, a lighthearted reality animal adventure that showcases a lighter side of Real and Chance. It is still edgy because they are in search of legendary tales of the wild. From wrestling alligators to close encounters with cougars, Real and Chance put themselves in jeopardy for our entertainment and the hilarity ensues. Two boys from the hood playing ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ is basically the premise of this show. Since Real and Chance broke onto the reality TV arena they have been going strong and there is no sign of stopping now.

Real and Chance both express that their greatest enthusiasm and happiness comes from their families. For a long time, they have wanted a show that illustrates their real lives. They currently have a show under wraps where we’ll be able to see more of their real lives – their past, present and future. The brothers talk about growing up in the hood in Inglewood yet they also talk about growing up on a horse ranch where they learned how to raise horses. They acquired a love of Arabian stallions, hence the name of their Rap group, The Stallionaires (available on iTunes).

There are a lot of things that the public has yet to know about them. The Stallionaires’ first single is called ”Come Together”, and the music video will first release in Europe and then here in the United States next month. Also, Real owns and operates a hair care company called Real Silk Hair Systems and there is currently a salon in Long Beach and another coming soon in the Wilshire District.

Most people don’t know that Real and Chance have become family men. Real, Chance, and Micah, their brother and third member of The Stallionaires, each have their own families. They want their future shows to be about positivity and something that the whole family can watch together. They also work hard in their local communities to raise money for LASIF and Los Angeles County of Education and have been working with Mayor Mariposa of Los Angeles on many community-based projects. They treat their celebrity more as a responsibility not just a status.

Time and time again this dynamic duo has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Love them or hate them, laugh with them or at them, it doesn’t matter because they are laughing all the way to the bank. Finally reality TV has a real chance to redeem itself. Sometimes what lies beneath is more remarkable than what we let others see. Sometimes what you see is not the only thing you get. Real and Chance are trying something very difficult in the entertainment industry. They’re just trying to be themselves.

Article Written By: Aiona Kaufusi
*article photo courtesy of Quantum Leap Entertainment

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