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Work Hard and Play Harder » DJ Brandi Garcia

Entertainment, Music 14 Oct 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Being a DJ is a dime a dozen but being a recognized and successful DJ nationwide is truly rare… especially if you’re a woman. Angie Martinez paved the way for many women to make it big in radio including the one and only DJ Brandi Garcia. Brandi’s southern roots run deep and though she’s traveled cross-country in pursuit of her dreams, she’ll be the first to tell you that she’s still holdin’ it down for the South. Brandi kept it real with The WhatItDo and shared many insights about her personal views on life and her career as a DJ. This southern belle is rockin’ music like nobody’s business.

Brandi and T-Pain may be the only ones reppin’ it hard for Tallahassee, FL but it’s all good because these two can handle it. The South is home to incredible music and culture and thanks to her parents’ extensive record collection, Brandi grew up loving music from the day she could stand up and dance to it. Brandi’s love for Hip-Hop (more so Rap) began in junior high and she says, “It moves me and gets me excited about music. It evokes feeling and I feel something, more so than with any other music.” Her interest in DJing however came later at the age of fifteen when she chose to do an internship at a Classic Rock radio station and, well, the rest is history.

That initial exposure to radio got Brandi hooked and she’s been pushing ever since. From Florida to Texas to Cali to Vegas, Brandi has accrued an army of fans who’ve listened to her mixes and jammed to them every day. Brandi admits that her DJing style isn’t too technical because she’s all about song selection and the feel of the music. No doubt her commitment to mixing the right songs has gotten her the recognition she deserves, better yet, that she’s earned. Brandi has rocked crowds, private parties, and major events for over ten years and opened shows for Jay-Z, Ludacris (whom Brandi says is the most underrated rapper out there and I tend to agree), Drake, 50 Cent, and many others.

Kanana Fest

Maintaining longevity in the industry isn’t easy for anyone and Brandi encourages aspiring radio hosts/DJs to be mindful that the game has changed. Radio used to be about the people and used to have a very creative atmosphere. Radio stations used to sound unique because their music catered to their specific demographic or region, but nowadays, many stations sound the same and that’s due largely to the influence of corporations. If you’re going to be a DJ, do it for the love of music and play music that you and your fans/audience love. Also learn to be flexible and willing to move or make sacrifices to take a gig and most importantly, be persistent.

If there’s one word that describes Brandi, it’s ‘passion’. She dedicates herself and her work to her passion for music, but aside from music, Brandi’s other passions are food and sports (We share so much in common lol). All in all, Brandi says, “Keep your faith, keep your family, and work on yourself. If you focus on those things, everything else will fall into place.” Brandi hopes everyone takes the time to appreciate all that life has to offer but she especially hopes to teach young girls that it’s okay to be themselves and that they can be successful without selling their bodies. “Carry yourself with respect and you’ll command respect,” says Brandi. That’s how she made it thus far and you can definitely do the same.

DJ Brandi Garcia Tip – When DJing at a club/event, play music for the ladies! The men are there for the women and the women are there to dance. Keep the women happy and the club/event will be off the hook! That’s WhatItDo!

Listen in on DJ Brandi Garcia weeknights from 6-10pm on Hot 97.7 KRCK (in Palm Springs) and 104.3 NOW-FM (in Vegas) as well as on 92.7 KREV (in the Bay). Also, stay in touch with Brandi on her official website, Facebook, and Twitter!

-Article Written by: Juliet Uata

*Photos courtesy of DJ Brandi Garcia

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