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Singing Straight From the Heart » R&B Singer Si’i Vakalahi

Entertainment, Music 07 Oct 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

When singing from the heart, one transmits all emotions, energy, and one’s self to the audience through music and song. Sione Vakalahi aka Si’i lives by this rule every day as a music recording artist. His life experiences are the lyrics while his emotions make the music notes come alive with vibrant yet soulful sounds. Vakalahi sings with and from the heart – and that makes all the difference.

Vakalahi honed in on his musical talent at an early age and has his second grade music teacher, Mrs. Tuley, to thank for that. A true Texas native, Vakalahi says Mrs. Tuley’s music class kept him busy and out of trouble. She put him in talent shows and kept him after school to practice even more. The countless hours of practice paid off as Vakalahi made the honor choir every year from elementary through to high school. Singing at home with his parents and six siblings also helped him develop a greater love for music and even greater aspirations to pursue a musical career.

The journey to success always has its own bumps in the road. For Vakalahi, it was the tragic passing of his father in 2007. In his last conversation, Vakalahi’s father urged him to continue on with his singing and his music career. A few years later, Vakalahi married the love of his life, Mele, but encountered another trial with the passing of their daughter, Miracle. This heartbreaking situation ultimately could have ended any motivation Vakalahi had left in him to pursue his dream. He credits his wife’s constant and unconditional love and support for getting him back to singing. “She knew I loved singing and that it’s what I do best,” he said.

Vakalahi describes his sound as “mainly R&B with Island and Reggae influences.” His voice draws distinct comparison to soul-singer Anthony Hamilton (check out Vakalahi’s Reggae remix to one of Hamilton’s hits, “Charlene”). He cannot deny his island heritage and with the help of producers Veni and Salamasina Kefu and Poly New Sound Productions, Vakalahi’s been able to add that Island Reggae flair. Salamasina Kefu added, “My husband [Veni] and I have heard a lot of people along the way. Si’i is the real deal with strong vocal skills and a super humble attitude.”

With the right team and support system behind him, Vakalahi is well on his way to making a name for himself. His recent show at the Utah King Invasion last weekend received rave reviews from fans and other music enthusiasts. Vakalahi knows exactly who he is and his purpose in taking on this music career. “I’m doing everything for the love of music,” he said. It’s that kind of mentality that makes him sing straight from the heart, reaching fans at a much personal level.

Keep up with Si’i Vakalahi and Poly New Sound Productions on Facebook and YouTube.

-Article Written by: Pesi Kava

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