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Miami Heat » Hip-Hop Twins Rich & Fameus

Entertainment, Music 03 Oct 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Rich & Fameus may be identical twins but their sound is anything but identical to the mainstream flow of Hip-Hop today. With roots in the Bronx, NY and a lifestyle wrapped up in the heat of Miami, FL, Hip-Hop twins, Rich and Michael Gamble, are trendsetting their way through the music industry. There’s no doubt that their twin dynamic adds a unique spin to their music and The WhatItDo got the low down on how Rich & Fameus are heating things up.

The music style of Rich & Fameus is an eclectic fusion of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and Dubstep. Their sound can stand alongside that of Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West and their voices resonate similarities to Drake and Lupe Fiasco. That triple combination is a one-of-a-kind trifecta and makes Rich & Fameus a serious triple threat. Any surprise that platinum DJ and producer Don Cannon co-signed these two? No surprise here. Rich & Fameus definitely have that x-factor and teaming up with Cannon is straight money!

Rich & Fameus’ lyrical talent is refreshingly intelligent and addictively catchy. Both twins compose the lyrics to all of their tracks and feed off of each other when writing verses and hooks. Catchy lyrics and tight beats may gain popularity with some fans, but it’s Rich & Fameus’ vocal delivery, which is subtly sexy and naturally smooth that’ll secure multi-platinum fans. How the twins developed their Hip-Hop style is evident in their inspiration. They admire artists with longevity in the industry and those who’ve been and continue to be game changers including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and many west coast artists. Looking to emulate such successful players in Hip-Hop is a sure way for Rich & Fameus to join those artists in the years to come.

So much sacrifice and perseverance has gone into creating the Rich & Fameus brand and they are profoundly grateful to all those who contributed to bringing them this far. Growing up, Rich & Fameus share that all of their family’s resources went to supporting them in their music instead of being used for holidays and special occasions. That’s the kind of sacrifice that brings about well-deserved success and Rich & Fameus are on the brink of reaping all that they’ve worked hard for.

Rich & Fameus

Currently the duo are hustlin’ to build their brand, get their music out, and pursue various interests including a clothing line and potential roles in television and/or film. In the future, Fameus hopes to collaborate with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Jay-Z or better yet with “anyone who’ll take the time to work with us,” says Rich. They’re open to new experiences and look forward to taking Rich & Fameus, the brand, to the next level by any means.

Rich & Fameus’ music promotes a culture of confidence, which is exactly what they wish to instill in their fans. Rich urges aspiring artists to “be confident, be yourself, and do you.” The twins also share that you must always believe in your work and in yourself, no matter what. You gotta learn what you’re getting into and understand that music is a passion and a business. According to Rich & Fameus, “Physical assets aren’t what make a person rich and famous, but one’s perseverance and passion.” With their game-changing combination of off-the-hook beats, lyrics, and vocals, their unrelenting perseverance, and their passion for Hip-Hop music, Rich & Fameus can already count themselves among the truly rich and famous.

Follow Rich & Fameus on Twitter and Facebook for updates on live performances in the local Miami area. Also, cop their latest mixtape “Ready For Take Off” on their official website.

-Article Written By: Juliet Uata
*photos courtesy of Rich & Fameus

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