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Genius Behind the Camera » Multimedia Producer Sela Foukimoana

Entertainment 29 Sep 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It takes a sharp and talented eye to piece together images that will tell a visually compelling story and that is the very strength of multimedia producer, Sela Foukimoana. She has a knack for visual concepts and can genuinely share any story without compromising quality and artistic flair. With experience in producing feature films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries, Sela is well on her way to establishing herself in the media industry and professionals, fans, and The WhatItDo are all taking note.

Having always been a lover of visual media, Sela originally sought out to be a film critic, but the workings of film production over time appealed even more to her and she began her pursuit to become a producer. As a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, London Film Academy, and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Sela put in her fair share of time in studying her passion, which not only aided her in gaining experience but helped her refine her personal style and preferences as a producer.

There is a magnetic allure to untold yet important stories that always seem to draw Sela to them. Stories that evolve from small communities and that tend to be raw and newsy in nature really tug at the journalist side of Sela. She enjoys highlighting and sharing stories that are relevant and that matter but do not get the exposure or publicity they deserve. On a more personal level and as a side project, Sela is creating a video series of Pacific Islander voices, the first of which spotlights opera singer, Ta’u Pupu’a. Much of the series will be shot in a minimalist, verite style as Sela prefers to have the characters tell their own stories in a very natural and unscripted way. Such a dedicated focus to making unheard voices and untold stories heard is a defining characteristic of Sela’s work and one that will never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Sela Foukimoana

Recently, Sela co-produced a documentary entitled “Styled” which exposes the intense rivalry between students of New York fashion schools Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Every year, students from both schools compete in the annual Fusion Fashion Show and Sela and her team take us behind the scenes to the sleep-depriving stress the student-designers undergo in order to put a decent collection down the runway. The documentary is set to hopefully make its rounds in upcoming film festivals and is sure to rally and recruit every fashionista as an avid fan.

If you’re seeking a career in media, Sela stresses the importance of post-secondary education and the need to get involved and network. She also says that the best way to do what you love is to just do it, but pay close attention to what your eye is drawn to because that will help you define your style and essentially be a key factor in branding yourself and your work. Sela Foukimoana is a remarkable asset to the media industry and her work as a multimedia producer is exceptional without question. Don’t be surprised when you see her work on the big screen. She was made for it.

Follow Sela on Twitter and check out her work on Vimeo.

-Article Written By: Juliet Uata
*photos courtesy of Sela Foukimoana
*Vimeo video courtesy of Sela Foukimoana

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