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Club Nesian Is At It Again

Entertainment, Events, Music 12 Sep 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

This past Saturday, September 10th, 2011, the place to be was in Long Beach, CA at the Rhythm Lounge for Fobb Nesian’s Club Nesian Event Round Two. This time they featured independent Urban Island artists Mycal Ruben, K’nova, and Finn who gave strong performances. The Pacific Islander music scene has gained a lot of momentum over the years but this year it seems as though the number of Urban Island artists is increasing rapidly, and they’re creating music hits that now demand more music shows throughout the west coast. Fobb Nation meets that demand and keeps going strong with Club Nesian.

The night started off with the opening performance of Mycal Ruben. His sweet sounds lit up Rhythm Lounge and set the tone of the night with live music. As the night went on, the club atmosphere was getting hot as the crowd grew by the minute. As the crowd responded to the sounds of Mycal Ruben, K’nova and Finn were prepping backstage because their performances were soon to follow.

When K’nova hit the stage, the Long Beach crowd was swaying to his feel-good sounds. A new emerging artist in 2011, his music shines and his fans can’t get enough of his raspy voice. When speaking to the guys backstage, Finn states, ”K’nova is a true professional and he can lay down a track in one take. He is the real deal.” So, if the headliner of the night is speaking about this hot Urban Island artist, then he is definitely one to watch out for later this fall.

Fobb Nation

After K’nova gave an awesome performance, the groove operator from Sacramento, CA known as Finn came onto the stage and serenaded the ladies with his R&B rhythmic voice. Starting off his set with “Wind Yo’ Body” got every woman in the crowd winding their bodies to his music. Over the years, I have seen him grow as a performer and Finn knows his audience and interacts with them throughout his performance. As a true lover of R&B music and with his deep soulful voice, he has been able to fuse Reggae and R&B to create a feel-good sound of Urban Island music.

Once again, Fobb Nation put on another smashing showcase of Polynesian talent. They have done an awesome job of promoting yet again another successful Club Nesian event. These events happen once a month in Long Beach, CA so you won’t want to miss next month’s show with Selah International’s Zhen and Urban Island artist Teki from Salt Lake City, UT.

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-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo

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