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Who’s The Fire Starter? – Tonga’s Ikale Tahi 2011

Entertainment, Events, Sports 08 Sep 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s going down!!! The Mate Ma’a Tonga Movement is goin International with Tonga’s Rugby Team Ikale Tahi fans across the world rockin Red and White for their favorite team as they kick off the 2011 Rugby World Cup playing against the New Zealand All Blacks. “Mate ma’a Tonga” literally means, giving your life for Tonga and in this case, the FAN’s are going to battle alongside their team! Known as the underdog in this match, fans of Ikale Tahi (Sea Eagle) ain’t trippin and are reppin for Tonga regardless! With over 4,000 fans welcoming them to NZ to Tongan Flag fever in the US, Tongans have been feelin the heat for the island home team and are ready! Check Out how the WhatitDo is bringin the fiya!

-Written By: RAEN

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