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Who Rocks The Party That Rocks The Body?

Music 07 Sep 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

A DJ is not just the person behind the 1’s and 2’s that selects what to play, but is the person that knows and reads the crowd and emotionally connects with them to play the right music. If you’re at a club and it’s packed, the vibe is right, and your feelin’ yourself, that’s because the music is bangin! One of Hollywood’s premiere DJ’s that definitely knows how to rock a party is none other than DJ Orator.

Kortney Lucas aka DJ Orator was born and raised in Long Beach,CA. Brought up in a single-parent home, he was exposed to a lot of negative influences from poverty and drugs to gang violence and police brutality. His escape was the love in his home and music that was always playing. His mom kept her vinyl’s on heavy rotation playing old school funk and soul and kept a pretty nifty collection that Lucas was drawn too. There were many struggles for Lucas in a community with so much violence, friends being incarcerated and death but has overcome those by key people like his mother and mentor Fidel Rodriguez a host DJ who brought him knowledge and spiritual guidance.

Before embarking into music, Lucas was very politically active in college being dissatisfied with the systems and policies in place. His passion for social justice and equality kept him real active in school and eventually led him to radio. He took some courses and started working on the campus radio station and eventually landed an internship with LA’s 92.3FM The Beat under the direction of Sway Calloway now reporter and Executive Producer of MTV news. This opportunity gave Lucas more exposure and experience that would contribute to his success today. Observant and mentored by other DJ’s, he pays homage to some of the great West Coast DJ’s and looks up to DJ Jazzy Jeff. He eventually landed his own radio show on campus that really built his stamina in radio while working two other shows on mainstream radio. Staying true to his roots, Lucas continued to develop his craft by being a part of a DJ community that would congregate at Stacks Record Store to connect, share techniques and has shaped working relationships with them. Although his career as a DJ has become very successful it hasn’t always been easy. His determination and “hustling” attitude kept him hungry and focused. For many years, he had no vehicle to get to gigs and would have to make sacrifices like sleeping in train stations till busses start operating the next morning.


According to Lucas, it takes a lot of development to be a respected DJ. His advice to young people who have DJ fever is “they need to really do their homework and study up on the history of Hip-Hop, the father of turn tables and the different era’s till the present. If you don’t know where it came from, you don’t know where it’s going.” He’s seen the evolvement of DJ’ing and too has adjusted with the times but is still real true to the original style and discipline of this craft. You know you’re a good DJ when you “graduate from rocking a party to rocking your own party.” He is one of the hottest DJ’s on the scene and have a celebrity following that’s off the charts! He’s not new to the game and has a good 10 years under his belt and plans to continue to rock more parties internationally. Where does the name DJ Orator come from? Orator means, to give an oration; a public address. And although DJ Orator isn’t saying much at the clubs, his fingers on the 1’s and 2’s says it all! That’s WhatitDo!

-Article Written by: RAEN
*photos courtesy of DJOrator.Com

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