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Live to Learn Through Music with Josh “WAWA” White

Music 22 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
Urban Island Artist Josh White

It’s been a hard knock journey to get to where he is today, but Josh “Wawa” White is renewed in his passion for music and is looking to make things happen in the near future. Born and raised in Glendale, UT and currently living in West Valley City, UT, both White and his brother and manager Abe say, “We come from a strong Tongan family,” and they have their mother, Penina Vatuvei White, to thank for that. Family is always a strong force of influence, but even negative forces have a sense of “family.” Gang ties affiliated with White’s family led him to an early life of violence and trouble. He was able to escape that lifestyle and The WhatItDo found out how he sought refuge in sports and music.

Music was always in White’s life but in high school it was overshadowed by another passion – sports. “Sports was my whole life,” he explained. White was involved in various sports but he particularly excelled in track. His success on the track field, specifically hurdles, included taking the state championship title his senior year (he finished one second off the state record). White was highly touted by Division I schools but in the end, he decided not to take that road. Thus began his journey into music and exploring his musical talents.

White started off as a rapper at the age of 18, saying that rapping was therapeutic for him. “It would help calm me down but I soon realized that that was the wrong paper route.” It wasn’t until White was 21 that he finally started singing. “My brother, Abe, would host parties at his house and we would have jam sessions,” White recalled. “It was there that my brother and friends really heard me sing for the first time.” It was at these jam sessions, too, that White developed his own singing style. “I thought of two music artists, Bob Marley and Nate Dogg, and how it would sound to mix both of their voices.” A fusion of Reggae and gangsta Hip-Hop? Genius. He emulated both artists when singing which was received greatly by his family and friends. Since then, White has written songs and used the social media to get his music out to fans. His songs “Love Da Way” featuring Billz and “I Think I’m Wrong” featuring the WhatItDo’s very own Leta Fau’olo have already gotten over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Josh White

When asked to evaluate his life so far, White mentioned the struggles he’s been though and how there are so many ways to get out of it. For him, it was through sports and music. He lives by the motto, ‘You live to learn and learn to live.’ He thanks his family for the endless love and support and gives shout-outs to ANWHUT and Konneckt Entertainment. There’s much to look forward to with this innovative music artist and music lovers definitely need to have Josh “Wawa” White on their radar. He’s doing big things and that’s always WhatItDo.

Check out Josh “Wawa” White on Facebook and YouTube. Also, be on the lookout for his first album to drop later this year entitled, Mama’s House, which will feature “Rasta Lullaby” – the first song that White ever wrote and which is believed to be his best song yet.

-Article Written by: Pesi Kava
*article photo courtesy of Josh White
*photo courtesy of Jay I-Vibe
*photo courtesy of Mapuanaphoto
*YouTube video courtesy of dave110469553

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