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Fabulously Out of This World – Jewelry Designer Story Afton

Entertainment, Fashion 16 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd or stop traffic in futuristic style, we’ve got just the person who can make that happen. The WhatItDo caught up with jewelry designer Story Afton, whose eye-catching pieces have been seen on many celebrities including platinum music artist, Keyshia Cole, “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Eva Pigford, and many others. This young lady not only thinks outside the box but lives out of this world and The WhatItDo is excited to share her genius behind her custom pieces that are making the finest in Hollywood go crazy!

One look at any of Story Afton’s
one-of-a-kind accessories and you’ll know that she designs for the confident, bold, fashion-forward diva (No wallflowers here, but they’re more than welcome lol). It all started two and half years ago and Story’s humble step by step journey has truly paid off. She shares that in the beginning, she walked around with a pocketbook full of accessories and just handed them out to anyone and everyone she felt could or should rock her jewelry. Her relentless work ethic and positive attitude has brought her a long way, but Story admits that part of her success is due to her knowing herself and her brand. “I exude my product,” Story says and she is a living, breathing embodiment of her works of art.

Each accessory whether shades, earrings, belt chains, or necklaces are created with a variety of materials, which is basically anything Story can get her hands on. No pair of shades is ever duplicated and that’s a guarantee! Story feels that everyone deserves to have something that’s uniquely their own and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to design, Story is very much inspired by ancient history (medieval times, old school Hollywood, mythology, etc.) and anything futuristic (abstract art, cosmos, space, etc.). As a fan of metaphysics and things not of this world, Story is dedicated to reaching different dimensions as well as incorporating meaning behind the themes used in her work.

Story has a strong sense of the interaction between individuals and the universe and said, “When the universe opens up, nothing is unachievable.” Knowing and believing that has pushed Story to pursue new endeavors, diversify, and stretch herself to achieve all that she puts her mind and energy into. Being the versatile creative spirit that she is, Story has engaged in fashion design and music production on top of her jewelry line. Her clothing line will be available in mid-Fall and Story says that it will range from tricked out vintage pieces to clothes revamped and renewed with a funky, chic flair. As far as music goes, Story is looking to release a few songs by the end of September or beginning of October in the hopes of being signed by a record label so be on the lookout for that!

To those looking to make a name for themselves, Story encourages you to follow your heart and calling. Whatever your passion is, go for it. “There ain’t nothing to it but to do it, “ Story says. “Go hard and hustle.” Story’s ability to step out of the box creatively and sell her work proactively is exactly what has got her the word-of-mouth attention she deserves. Without a doubt, Story Afton the designer and the brand is fabulously out of this world and definitely WhatItDo!

You can check out Story Afton’s custom jewelry on her official website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

-Article Written By: Juliet Uata

*Photos courtesy of Story Afton

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