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The Hustle Never Stops – Film and Music Video Director Cole Walliser

Entertainment, Music 10 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Music universally moves us with vocal and instrumental sounds, but it’s the music videos that accompany those sounds or songs that visually captivate us, and we music fanatics love the combination of the two. Creating music videos with an interesting storyline, unique interpretations, new angles, and cool effects is hard enough as it is, but Cole Walliser enjoys every part of it and shows no signs of giving it a rest. The WhatItDo got an inside look into Walliser’s creative work and extensive resume and he proves to be an artist who’s bound to breach greatness.

With a background in skateboarding, breakdancing, and DJing, it’s interesting to see how Cole Walliser transitioned into becoming a well-known and highly sought after music video director. He started out by filming himself and friends skateboarding at the mere age of fourteen and soon realized that he had a knack for filming and really enjoyed it. This led to his move from Canada to L.A., where he further pursued filming opportunities and filmed dance choreography and dance shows for fellow dancers. It was within the dance community that Walliser stepped into the world of music videos and he’s been raising the bar for creative filming ever since (Thank goodness!).

Cole Walliser

Having created and directed tour videos and/or music videos for Katy Perry, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Ocean Grove, Whitney Houston and others, Walliser has racked up a remarkable resume and has done so without any formal training. Well, he does research here and there but the bulk of his training has simply been through trial and error and practice – amazing! Of Katy Perry, Walliser says that she’s a sweetheart and he was impressed with her work ethic and how dedicated she was to ensuring that everything was right and the way she wanted it for her California Dreams Tour. Walliser also shared that with Pink, multiple takes weren’t needed; he could just aim the camera at her, shoot, and it was gold every time (or perhaps it was his golden touch that made all the difference. At least, we like to think so).

As far as creativity goes, Walliser shares that he too often sees many people striking down their own ideas instead of developing them. Many times, a great success comes after several ideas that didn’t work at first, so the key is in keeping at it, changing something, trying something new, and simply becoming better through mistakes. Walliser attributes his own creativity to being open to any ideas and keeping a notepad of concepts or “something cool” for future reference and use. Walliser encourages aspiring filmmakers or music video directors to “go out and shoot something!” Anything! “You can’t wait around,” he says, “You have to be proactive and make your own stuff.”

Even though Walliser has worked with high-profile music artists, which has brought him numerous opportunities, he admits that the hustle in the industry never stops. He’s doing everything he can to perfect his craft, gain new experiences, and work with a multitude of talented individuals no matter where they are in their careers. Walliser is always pushing himself to try new things and is working towards possibly doing short productions and more narrative-based filming. If you’re looking for a talented filmmaker/music video director who knows just as much about filming as he does about having fun, Cole Walliser is just that guy.

Check out Cole Walliser’s work on his official website and Vimeo and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

-Article Written By: Juliet Uata
*photos courtesy of Lacey Terrell
*vimeo video courtesy of cole walliser

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