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Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon Take the Stage

Entertainment, Music 08 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Club My Studio in Hollywood was packed! The party was raging, then around 12:45am the music was shut off! That’s when Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon were announced to perform. The two performers climbed over a table and stood on the back wall of the VIP section. Karissa wore a pair of skin-tight white pants that would drive any man crazy and a tiny pink corset top. Sam who has clearly been working out since we last saw him on the TV show “Blue Mountain State” announced to the crowd, “The name of this song is “Juice and Vodka” so I don’t want to see no sober shit tonight.” The DJ started the song and you could feel the energy in the room. The guys in the crowd were yelling for Karissa as she started off the chorus and the girls in the crowd sang along. When Sam’s verse came, he had a magnetic presence on the microphone that filled the club. His flow exuded a confident, sexy swagger that caused women in the club to climb up where the two were performing and to start dancing with the both of them.

The way Sam and Karissa performed was as if they had done this for years. There have been many comparisons made lately between Karissa and Pop singer Ke$ha, and I must say that I too heard the similarity when I had originally first heard the song. But after seeing Karissa perform with Sam last night, I must say that I now believe Karissa has a fresh style uniquely her own. These two put on a great performance! Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon are two upcoming artists to look out for.

*Photo courtesy of Josh Ryan

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