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Makin’ Music with Mycal Ruben

Music 03 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

“To be the best, you’re gonna have to push yourself to go against the best.” Such is the mentality of up-and-coming singer/songwriter/arranger Mycal Ruben. This Samoan talent, born Mycal Ruben Alo, grew up on genres such as Oldies, Blues, Jazz, and R&B. One can easily hear the influences of these genres in his voice and style. He started writing songs at the age of sixteen. Besides singing and songwriting, Ruben also had a hand in music directing for church choirs and other music bands in Utah. “Directing the choir and the bands opened my eyes to another side of music,” said Ruben, referring to musical arrangement. Singing, songwriting, directing, and arranging music – what else is he capable of doing?

Ruben continued to grow as a musician and even began traveling across the U.S. to cities in New York, Louisiana, and Florida to perform, but he was still living in Salt Lake City. Ruben contemplated the opportunity to further his music career by moving to Los Angeles. He did so and began attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he was able to work with professional musicians. A friend also introduced him to the possibility of being a backup singer. Shortly thereafter, he began performing with artists like Junior Maile, Nicole Kehl, Dayvid Thomas, and Dinah Jane. Alo continues to attend the Musicians Institute and was able to start a band with his classmates. “My bandmates come from all over,” Ruben explains. “One is from Korea, another from Sweden, and another from Chicago. Some of them have already worked with artists like Alicia Keys and John Legend! We play R&B/Soul/Funk music and have been able to branch out and book gigs all over L.A.”

Ruben is optimistic about his future in the music industry. He continues to learn and grow with his band and as a singer, songwriter, and arranger. He credits his positive and hard work attitude to his two biggest supporters and fans, his parents, Dottie Togisala and Pule Alo. With the musical experience Ruben has so far, it won’t take long before he rises up to the likes of his fellow Polynesian musicians.
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-Article Written By: Pesi Kava
*Photos and YouTube video courtesy of Mycal Ruben

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