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Sure to Make You Blush » Pop Girl Group, BLUSH

Entertainment, Music 02 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s been a while since Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child took over the music scene, but there’s a new girl group on the rise and their international background puts them in the perfect position to go global. Blush is a Pop girl group sensation that is making their way around the world and winning over fans by the minute. The WhatItDo recently had the opportunity to meet up with the girls to see how everything came about and what lies in the near future. Music lovers better get ready because this girl group is the whole package and they can’t wait to show us what they’ve got.

With their hit single, “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg, debuting at #47 (Top 50) and currently #13 (Top 20) on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart, Blush is making themselves known and definitely turning heads in the process. The group consists of five girls from five different countries: Victoria (China), Natsuko (Japan), Angeli (Philippines), Ji Hae (Korea), and Alisha (India) and was formed from an invitation-only singing competition called Project Lotus. Under the brilliant direction of the late Tal Herzberg (music producer for the Black Eyed Peas), Blush’s catchy and edgy yet fun sound was created and the group was set on track without hesitation.


Each girl brings a taste of their culture and a uniqueness that is unparalleled in the music industry. The road to success wasn’t always smooth but what hasn’t broken them has only made them stronger. Ji Hae (Korea) shares that she studied law to appease her parents but couldn’t give up singing, Alisha (India) just graduated from high school last year, Victoria (China) has completed a Master’s degree and has a musical theater background, Natsuko (Japan) is an avid dancer from the dance crew Sponge Pants, and Angeli (Philippines) overcame many obstacles to harness and show her singing ability. These girls are no strangers to hard work and perseverance and their music is proof of that.

Currently on tour, Blush has traveled and performed all over the world and recently performed live on “So You Think You Can Dance,” which was an amazing experience for the group and a dream come true, especially for Natsuko. Blush is looking forward to more collaborations on their new album, which will be released in December, and we can’t wait! When it comes to their music, the girls are sincere about retaining their unique Asian flair and incorporating hints (whether in beats, lyrics, etc.) of each of their cultures.

Blush emphasizes the importance of family and encourages aspiring music artists and others to go after their dreams and surround yourself with people who believe in you. They also share that when striving to achieve your dreams, you have to work hard, be patient, never give up, and never care about what other people say; do what you gotta do and be fearless and fierce. Blush is making a name for themselves in the music industry and they are undoubtedly ready to take things to the next level. From their beautiful looks to their phenomenal singing and dancing, this girl group is sure make you blush.

Get Blush’s new single “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg on iTunes now! Follow Blush on Twitter (@blushgroup), Facebook, and YouTube (blushvideo) and check out the latest updates on their official website.

-Article Written By: Juliet Uata
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