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To Infinity and Beyond with Teeny Barrino

Entertainment, Music 01 Aug 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

To be infinite, one has to be immeasurably great and although many of us would like to think of ourselves as being that supreme, it takes more than desire; it requires spirit, experience and drive. It takes a “thinker” and a “doer,” a person who can’t be confined in a box, sees things for what they could be and still is unique and able to rise under grave circumstances. Joe “Teeny” Barrino is one of those people on his way to such greatness. “I want to be successful and galactic.”

Born and raised in High Point, North Carolina, Barrino grew up singing gospel with his brother and sister and they were trained and disciplined in the craft by their father. Coming from a small town, Barrino says, “There wasn’t much to do but gospel music.” This once shy kid grew up and has become more than just a singer with a big personality but a multi-talented individual determined to do WhatItDo! “I didn’t want to take a small step but a huge leap for mankind.” Some claim that Barrino is too ambitious, but the proof is in the pudding.

One Foundation

Some may have gotten a little taste of Barrino, on his sister’s VH1 reality show “Fantasia For Real,” which is focused on the life of Fantasia, American Idol Season 3 winner. On the show, Teeny Barrino briefly exhibits some of his talents and his aspirations to create his own identity. Currently he is working on several projects, mainly the release of his debut album under his own independent label Infinite Soul, hooking up with artist like Snoop Doggy Dog and Fantasia. It has a new sound with an old soul and a splash of everything from R&B to Reggae with the Teeny stamp. It will showcase his versatility, creativity, and potential for being a front-runner in the music game. Barrino says he’s “got something real nice for the ladies. It’s going to be hot and sticky.” Songs like, “Beautiful Mahogany” and “Addict for Love” will definitely be bringing that heat to all the lovers.

Aside from music, Barrino is definitely busy and claims he’s a “man of many trades.” The Infinite Black Collection is his diamond line that is well underway to bringing him much success. He has also been casted in Theo London’s inspirational staged play, “Loving Him is Killing Me,” alongside a star-studded cast including Angie Stone, Tyson Beckford and Kenny Latimore to name a few. Barrino is also in the final stages of a reality show that according to him “is going to be out of this world!” Not only is he busy with creating his empire, Barrino also spends time doing charity work with youth and the elderly. His philosophy is, “I have to give back even if I don’t have anything.”

Barrino isn’t concealing his talent nor does he plan on being content with just music. He’s prepared to do things and make moves that some may not see coming. “When I go in, I go all in.” His tenacity to keep things pushing is commendable even under some scrutiny by the public and the media. There’s more to Barrino than what you see and read. He is a very proud father and says, “I live for my babies and do everything for them.” So when all comes full circle, this vibrant contender is not just about one thing, he’s about everything and could very well take his game into space. There are two Barrino American idols now and Joe “Teeny” Barrino has begun to fulfill his destiny and is about to blast off to infinity and beyond!

-Article Written By: RAEN
*Photos and YouTube videos courtesy of Joe Barrino

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