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Willie McGinest’s Comedy Explosion Charity Event

Entertainment, Events 27 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

If you were looking for a place to hangout and get in some good laughs then you needed to be at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach last night. The block was hot with three-time Superbowl champion Willie McGinest, who presented an awesome charity event called Comedy Explosion. This was the first annual charity event that showcased star comedians throughout the evening. McGinest said, “First of all, I just want everyone to have a real good evening and have a good time and at the same time raise some money for the foundation (McGinest Foundation) so that we can give back to the kids for their education.” The evening was filled with great comedic entertainment and most of all, a night of non-stop laughter.

The event was hosted by Sirius Radio and comedian Speedy kicked off the night telling jokes by picking on different audience members and sharing interesting commentary on how they looked or dressed. He got the crowd hyped with DJ Brandi Garcia of 93.5 KDAY playing hits that got the crowd excited to be a part of this awesome Comedy Explosion event.

Red Grant

Rodney Perry said, “Tonight is a night we’re giving back and I think we have a responsibility, whatever your station is, to find some way to give back and tonight we’re giving back with Willie McGinest who put this charity together and this charity function starts to touch some people. And we’re gonna do that tonight with laughs.” The comedians of the night did more than touch us with laughs; they had the us roaring with laughter. Also performing at the comedy showcase was a new comedian by the name of Chase Anthony who warmed up the crowd just enough for Red Grant to come in and get the crowd hyped with laughter with his cereal fruit jokes, which you will have to see on your own, as well as his closing segment about meeting Prince.

Red Grant

The night continued to flow when Ricky Harris, Anthony Scruncho, and Cocoa Brown stepped on stage and killed their sets. Ricky and Scruncho are both Long Beach natives, and it was touching for them to be a part of something special in their hometown. Cocoa Brown was the only female in the showcase and she’s one comedian who is a must-see! At this charity event, those that donated funds and took the time to attend received more out of the showcase than what they had anticipated. Right when I thought it couldn’t have gotten any better, Rodney Perry, Gary Owen and Corey Holcomb did sets of their own. Owen who is known for his role as Zach on Tyler Perry’s hit show “House of Payne” immediately had the crowd cracking up when he shared how he thought the “LBC” meant Laguna Beach City and that’s where he thought Snoop was from. Holcomb finished off the night with his rough, rugged, and raw ghetto logic.

In comedy, there is a saying that goes, “I’ll be held accountable for how I say it, but you will be held accountable for how you hear it.” All in all, the Wille McGinest Foundation had an amazing event that will benefit children and their education. Willie McGinest said,”It all starts with your education. You gotta have a strong mind, go to school, dream big and work hard. And you will achieve.” Raising money through laughter for a greater cause is definitely WhatItDo!

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-Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

*article photo courtesy of zlimages
*photos courtesy of rubinaphotography

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