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Whatitdo or Whatitdont: Episode 2: Harry Potter

Entertainment, Whatitdo/Whatitdont 22 Jul 2011   »   by Admin
Whatitdo or whatitdont

He’s famous in both the wizarding world and the real one; he flies on a broom, does magic with his wand, and always seems to save the day; and now he’s shattered box office records! Harry Potter is a hot topic of discussion.

The last movie of the franchise, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2” checked in at $43.5 Million in midnight showings alone and beat out “The Dark Night’s” opening box office weekend by over $10 Million.

Grossing $168.8 Million domestically and $307 Million globally, Harry Potter has filled both the news and social media newsfeeds!

Join The Whatitdo Hosts Adriana Davalos and Jordan Havili as they hit up Hollywood Blvd. to find out if Harry Potter is Whatitdo or Whatitdont:

Tell us what you think!

Is Harry Potter a super cool Wiz or just not the biz?

Whatitdo or Whatitdont?

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