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Return of the Mack with Mann

Music 20 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

When you have a music artist bringing the heat to the airwaves, you’ve got music lovers buzzin’ and stuck in their tracks. And when you’re stuck in your tracks and got that song on repeat, you share it with your friends because everybody needs to be grooving to the sounds of  Mann. He rises from the west side of Los Angeles and has always had a love for performing. His old school feel with a modern twist got everyone this summer bobbin’ their heads to his music. The WhatItDo had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mann to get to know him behind the music.

TWID: Where are you from originally?

MANN: I’m from Los Angeles. Born and raised. I stay on the west side of Los Angeles.

TWID: How did you get into music?

MANN: I started off acting then I went into dancing, and then I went into music just as a way of performing at a young age. I always loved performing at a young age – different styles of performing, different ways of expressing myself musically.

TWID: Do you come from a musically talented family?

MANN: Actually I’m like the only one in my family that’s not shy and that likes to be in front of the camera. It’s pretty interesting. Actually, it was something that I liked doing before I actually started doing it.

TWID: What drives your passion for music?

MANN: I like representing other people that have similar stories. You know what I mean? I feel like I’m able to speak for a lot of people.

TWID: What can we expect to see from Mann this year?

MANN: Really, you are going to see me everywhere. I don’t plan on being a ghost. I plan on being at every single place I can be, letting people connect the song with the face. You know a lot of people know my music but don’t really know my face and my personality and in order to understand the music you have to understand the whole package. There’s more to it than just “Buzzin.”

TWID: Can you elaborate on your style as a young rapper with an old school feel?


MANN: I bring it back. It’s not really about money. It’s about loving love and enjoying life and having fun. I have always been considered to be more mature than my age. That’s why they call me Mann. When I say that, I mean it in the most awesomest way, but you know, I’m young and I still represent.

TWID: How have you been able to mix the old school sound with a modern day twist to cater to all music lovers?

MANN: Being young and youthful. Connecting generation gaps. That’s how the whole project really is. We really sample a lot of old school records but add new fresh concepts to them. My album is called Mann’s World and it does that through the whole album. We sample a lot of old school records. For example, my new single “The Mack” samples “Return of the Mack” (1995) and has Snoop Dogg and Iyaz, which is an old school artist with a new school singer. And I think that throughout the whole album we basically doing that.

TWID: What would be your advice to young Pacific Islanders pursuing music?

MANN: I would tell them that they should love what they are doing. If you love what you’re doing, then go all for it. As long as you have that love for what you’re doing, it’s bound to happen. Put out positive vibes, then positive vibes will happen to you. and you don’t want to do anything wrong to others because that will always come back to you ten fold.

Mann is keeping the buzz alive with his new single ”The Mack” featuring Snoop Dogg and Iyaz. With his positive energy and his old school swag, he’s connecting generation gaps to where everyone can sway to his sounds. Mann brings the heat this summer and his collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Iyaz, and 50 Cent are remarkable for a new artist. He continues to keep his music banging and that’s WhatItDo.

For more information on Mann, please follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or his official website.

-Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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