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Wash House Music making an impact with J Boog

Music 13 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

With the release of Island Music Giant, J Boog’s, EP on iTunes last month, and the growing buzz around his summer slap, “Let’s Do It Again”, The WhatItDo wanted to take a closer look at the label behind the artist – Wash House Music.  Learn about who’s signed to them, what their vision is, and what’s in store for J Boog and more as we tell you WhatItDo!

TWID:  What is the vision of Wash House Music?

WHM:  We believe that music is the only universal tongue, a universal language that everyone speaks.

TWID:  Which artists are currently signed to your record label?

WHM:J Boog is signed to Wash House. Fiji, Peetah Morgan, Jah Maoli, Jah Warrior Shelter, and Vital are a part of our Wash House Ohana that we also work with.

TWID:   With J Boog climbing the charts, can you please explain what an “EP” is and the importance of it in the music industry for those that are still fresh to the music business?

WHM:  EP stands for “extended play” as EP records are longer than original single 45 records, usually containing 4 tracks. Artists usually release an EP before the full album to give the fans a taste of what is coming.

TWID:   The song “Let’s do it again” is climbing the charts at the moment, where is it at on the charts now?

WHM:  #3 Australia, #2 New Zealand, J Boog EP #2 USA

TWID:   What do you hope to accomplish as a label in the near future?

WHM:  We hope to have more humble and successful artists.

TWID:   What should we except to see unfold this summer and the rest of 2011 from Wash House Music?

WHM:  J Boog’s LP will be released in September, More Music Videos, Compilations, Our New Artist Jah Maoli and much more.

Make sure you follow Wash House Music on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and their Official Website. And checkout J-Boog’s EP including, “Let’s Do It Again” on iTunes.

– Article Written By: G_Writer 

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