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Too much talent from Too Much Young

Music 12 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Hollywood Bar and Grill always highlights up and coming artists who are breaking through to the music industry and I had the opportunity to attend one of BET’s exclusive music showcases. During that showcase an up and coming fresh new music group called Too Much Young hit the stage. With their “Ars Nova” (which means “new art” in Latin) sound, they rocked the house. After their music set, I was able to catch up with these talented guys and they were able to share their thoughts on music and how they’ve evolved as a group.

TWID:  How did you come up with the name Too Much Young?

TMY:  When we first moved to California, we were living in Malibu for two months and we were living a lifestyle that somebody our age shouldn’t be living. We were at fancy French restaurants and just doing stuff that not a lot of kids get to experience. Jerry came up with the name Ars Nova first, but we found out that the name was taken by a previous band from like the 80’s or the 70’s, so we were sitting there bummed out and we didn’t have a name, and one of our friends was talking to Adrian Brody and he was like, “yo they need a new name,” and Adrian was like, “too much too young…too much young.” It kinda stuck to us, it’s like who we are. Its true to our nature, maybe even more so than Ars Nova. Its all about our attitude. You’ll hear it in our music – the way we act, the way we goof around, we just believe in youth and keeping it alive.

TWID: What would you say to kids who would like to pursue their dreams and passions?

TMY: Love what you play! I love our songs, and I love to play our songs. It’s not like we wrote them to get on the radio and to make money. We just did it because this is what we love to do and we love to make this kind of music and we love to play this kind of music. Kids should just do their thang and it doesn’t matter. The industry will mold to you if you are good. We are taking Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Funk and anything we are feeling or mood we are in and blend it in with our genre. We don’t really have an exact name, because we feel that it limits our sound. We have kids from the Hip Hop scene, the Rock scene appreciating us and everybody, so we kinda just stick with that.

TWID: What would add to this new style genre?


TMY: We’ve made it this far because as a band we refuse to put ourselves in a box. When making music, we blend sounds and some will say, we shouldn’t do that and we don’t care. The majority of our hottest songs and the most influential songs to us are and were experimental – the songs that we did almost by accident. We are just trying stuff out and just winging it, and that’s what we thrive on and doing whatever comes natural. I [Zack] grew up like being hardcore punk, moshing and punching people in the face. Levi’s been rapping forever and Jerry and Shane have been playing in a pop band forever. So we all bring something totally different to the table. Whatever Jerry is working on, its going to be opposite of what I’m working on, but it’s the same band. Blends very strangely but very well.

TWID: What should we expect from Too Much Young this year?

TMY: We have an EP coming out hopefully in early August. We drop a lot of YouTube videos, so keep a look out for that – toomuchyoungtv on YouTube  -or you can follow us on twitter  and you’ll be able to keep up with us.

One thing I learned from Too Much Young is that they’re too much talented and their passion sound is addicting! They are not afraid to blend different genres of music, exude bravery, and don’t care what people think but push through the road blocks and challenges that come their way. By doing that, they are creatively evolving this new art sound and will take the music scene by storm as they continue to make music and that’s whatitdo!

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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