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Urban Island Weekend Review

Entertainment, Music 11 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

This past weekend, Hollywood was filled with Polynesian musicians flooding her clubs and penetrating a multitude of musical genres. In case you missed it, let us tell you Whatitdo!

Friday night at 8:00 PM, Kevin Miso introduced his new EP to a cool and classy crowd at Hollywood’s Hotel Café. His indie rock style infused with reggae and island music and Hawaiian swag had the entire place chillaxin’ in a most elegant fashion. An extremely talented musician, Kevin looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself on stage as he demonstrated his abilities with a variety of different instruments, from the ukulele and guitar to the piano and harmonica.  He performed a mix of original compositions like, “Home”, “Rise Up”, and “Harder”, a cover of “Everybody Plays a Fool” and a fun remix of “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” as a request from the audience. If you didn’t leave the Hotel Café impressed by both Kevin’s vocal and instrumental abilities, then you just weren’t listening!

Fast forward Friday evening a couple hours and switch venues to one of the legendary Rock ‘N Roll clubs off the Sunset strip – The Viper Room – and Rock Philosophers, Vayden, along with their Maori/Samoan lead singer Curtis Casey, instructed a room full of rock lovers, “If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know where you’re going!” Performing a mixed set of Vayden classics like “Anthem of the Used” and “Uniforms” along with newer originals like “Save the World” and as always their brilliant cover of “Come Together”, Vayden rocked the house! Watching Curtis on stage is like watching a musical puppet master as he tugs on the invisible strings that coordinate the rest of his extremely talented band members in a symphonic rock explosion!  As always, Vayden, enlightened the entire place on the ways of Rock N’ Roll.

Saturday night was a royal occasion. Common Kings dominated The Mint LA. There was absolutely no way the classy blues club could maintain its composure while ruled by the regal mixture of island, reggae, rock, hip hop, and RnB sounds in a truly Urban Island experience!  From each member of the band, to India Benet and Susie Liufau on back-up vocals, to Jr King’s incredible stage presence the entire performance can only be described as perfection. They had a grown and sexy crowd jammin’ to the sounds of originals like “Alcoholic”, mixtures of mainstream medleys, and closed out the night with a cover of “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Even after several encores, they still left a very full house wanting more!

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– Article Written By: G_Writer 

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