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All Hail the Future Dook of Music

Music 07 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

There is royalty descending from the mountains of Utah! Yes, that’s right! One of the youngest Urban Island Artists on rise is “Dook.” Unlike the Duke of York or Duke of Cambridge, this Dook is in the makings of inheriting the highest respect in the music game. William “Dook” Kelsall is an 18 yr. old Samoan, recent High School graduate, and on the grind to make it to the top. Reppin for the 801, this youngin’ is definitely a part of the rising Polynesians surfacing a new swag. His velvet voice and fresh clean image gives you that “feel good” feeling and reveals a bright future is in store for Dook!

Dook began to sing and taught himself to play the guitar from tutorials on the internet at the age of 14! He was raised on Island and Reggae music and looks up to artists like Fiji and JBoog. In High School he was exposed to groups like Maroon 5, John Mayer and Jack Johnson and began to shift his interest to Alternative Rock and was invited to join a band that included students at his school. Today, he gets his inspiration from Adele and groups from the UK.


Dook has an inherited ability to sing which is an important component to performing and writing music. His discipline has led him to the studio recording a demo of original music covers and performing locally. His goal is to go mainstream and have people hear his music. It’s more to him then just sharing his talent. Dook wants to do what he loves and help people connect to his music and to each other.  “When I listen to songs I love, I feel it. Those are the songs that I remember and that’s how I want people to feel about my music.”

A unique advantage for Dook is the support and direction of his father Will. “My Dad pretty much introduced me to music and ever since then, it’s been my thing.” While music became a frontline interest of Dook’s, his family has encouraged both his development in his craft and in his education. They are behind him 100% in passion for music and ready to support him through the transition from High School to manhood. Even though Dook is young, he knows what he wants, so look out for him. All Hail the Dook!

-Article Written By: Raen

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