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Something “West Coast” this way comes!

Music 05 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

What y’all know ‘bout West Coast Rap? The WhatItDo had an exclusive interview with an up & coming rap artist from Brick Squad Monopoly – YG Hootie! This West Coast Rapper talks about his life, his crew, and how he plans to change the game with his own unique style.

TWID: Where did you grow up and how has it affected your music?

YG Hootie: I was born at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood, California, and most of my life I grew up in Compton. I started rapping in middle/high school and my surroundings had a major affect on me. I saw a lot of good friends and family be taken away by death or prison and it reflects in my music.

TWID: How long have you been in BSM? How did you meet Waka?

YG Hootie: I’ve been a member of BSM since Waka started it last year. I met Waka
a few years back in the streets of Atlanta. I dropped out of Morehouse College to pursue my music career and Waka and I had a lot of the same friends. Both of our names were buzzin in the street and when we finally linked up we became good friends. That’s when we started to build BSM.

TWID: Tell me about your journey to pursue a music career up to this point?

YG Hootie: My journey to pursue music hasn’t been an easy one but it has taught me how to stay focused in life and complete your goals. When I first left school everyone said it was a bad idea but I knew if I followed my heart everything would work out. There were plenty times I had to struggle and eat Top Ramen for dinner but it was all worth it. Now things are looking a lot better in my career.

TWID: Who are your Inspirations?

YG Hootie: My inspirations are my family; they keep me strong! Also my Bricksquad family. We’re such a big and successful family. I’m inspired to just be apart of it all and I want to make my family proud!

YG Hootie

TWID: If you had the chance to work with any Artists in the music industry who would they be and why?

YG Hootie: If I could work with anyone in the industry I would still work with my
Bricksquad family! Doing songs with Waka and Gucci are dreams come true! Wooh, OJ Da Juiceman, and Frenchie they’re already successful in their own right. I appreciate them embracing me as family and sharing their talents with me.

TWID: Describe your style?

YG Hootie: I would describe my style as Modern West Coast music! The West Coast
hasn’t had a progressive presence in hip hop in so long and I feel it’s the perfect time for people to get into my music. Bricksquad feels I have the sound to bring the West Coast back and I won’t let them down!

TWID: What can we expect from you this year?

YG Hootie: 2011 has been a dream come true for me! My debut project “Flight to the
Motherland” was received well by fans so I’m not slowing down! My new release “Red Zepplin” is highly anticipated and I’m confident I will deliver! There’s so much pressure to do well when you’re signed to Bricksquad and I welcome the challenge. Only the best will shine in this camp.

TWID: What is your biggest struggle as a rap artist and what is your biggest accomplishment as a rap artists?

YG Hootie: My biggest struggle as a rap artist is balancing time between family
life and being a superstar. As an artist you are always on the go in a different city every day, which leaves little time for “the real world.” But I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. When I was a child I would have dreams of being on the stage and the crowd applauding. This is what I was meant to be doing with my life. I wanna thank Waka and Aunt Deb [Waka’s Mother] for taking a chance on me and helping me realize my dreams!!

TWID: Do you have any final words for anyone who wants to become a rap artist?

YG Hootie: If u want to pursue a career as a rap artist just make sure u have something genuine! Make sure it’s what you really should be doing because fans can tell when something isn’t authentic. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong!

Something “West Coast” this way comes! Pick up your copy of YG Hootie’s “Red Zepplin” tonight at 10:17 EST! You don’t wanna miss out on West Coast Music’s new flavor and twist!

Follow YG on Twitter and Facebook make sure you’re around when his album drops tonight! It’s gone be HOT!

For more information on his mixtape, please click on this link:

Article Written By: Aggie Boo

*photos courtesy of YG Hootie

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