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There For Tomorrow – Warped Tour 2011

Events, Music 02 Jul 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Blazing hot summer day, thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life, and Rock Music in all its variations—Metal, Ska, Punk, and even Emo—filling the air from every direction: This is Warped Tour! If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 16 years, The Van’s Warped Tour is a nationwide Rock & Extreme Sports festival that pretty much lasts all summer long and occurs in over 30 different cities across the U.S. and Canada. Each event has several stages scattered across the venue where bands simultaneously perform.  Yesterday, Warped Tour was in Pomona, California, at the LA county Fairgrounds and featured an impressive lineup of artists like Pepper, Less Than Jake, 3OH!3, Reliant K, The Expendables, Unwritten Law, Simple Plan, The Ready Set, and many, many more!  The hyped up energy of the music along with body painting, half-pipes, zip-lining, and of course moshing makes Warped Tour one of the most badass music festivals around..  

Amongst all the Rock Music mayhem and musical giants of Warped Tour 2011, one performance you won’t want to miss is There For Tomorrow, with lead singer—Urban Island Artist—Maika Maile!  In true Rock ‘N Roll fashion, TFT was full of confidence and energy which infected the crowd! Not only do they have amazing stage presence, but also Maika’s voice is legit! The whole band sounds just as good live as they do in their music videos, but when you’re listening to real artists live, like TFT, you become a part of the performance!

TFT played “Pages” and “A Little Faster” from their last album and “The Joyride” and “Hunt, Hunt, Hunt” from their brand new album, “The Verge” which was released earlier this week. But even when playing brand new songs, TFT was able to involve the audience and made it seem like they were already old favorites. During their set Maika thanked the fans and said, “We’re so grateful to have a second CD out in stores right now, and it’s all because of you guys and your support!” But more importantly, the guys of TFT backed-up their words by meeting and talking to fans after their show was over.


The WhatItDo got the chance to catch up with Maika after the show and get his thoughts about the new album. He said, “It’s been 2 years since anybody’s had some new TFT material, besides a remix EP that we just had fun with, so we’ve been waiting for this past Tuesday (which was the release date) for so long and now that it’s out and it’s permeating among the fan base, it’s a whole new energy among everybody. So we’re excited to put out videos and just support this album for the next year. We’re already thinking about the next one too.”

When asked what was different about this new album, Maika told us, “It’s totally different because the first one was a compilation of songs over about a three or four year period of writing. We were a new band and still trying to find our sound so the first album you can tell that we were going for certain things and on the newest album you can just tell we’re being us, doing what we love and playing music the way we want to play it. Instead of like trying to compromise for radio hits or like try to make everyone else happy, we’re making ourselves happy and that in turn makes our fans happier.”

On stage Maika is a beast! He’s full of energy, his stage presence is inspiring, and his voice is on point! Off stage, however, this Rockstar has a regal yet humble and gracious countenance. He also rep’s his Pacific Island heritage and was rockin’ a bone carving his uncle had given him. He told us, “My uncle just gave this to me yesterday and a couple tupenus, which are like, you might call them lava lavas – you just wrap them around for the house and stuff.  I’ve been sportin’ them a lot; I want people to know… I want people to know I’m Tongan. People can’t really tell, but I went to my cousin’s house and had a little faikava session, just drinking up kava with my people. It’s cool to do that—get away from the circus that warped tour is—get centered and then come back.”

Warped Tour 2011 lasts until August 14, so make sure to go on their website and find out when it’s going to be near you. And when you’re there, make sure you don’t miss There For Tomorrow because they are definitely WhatItDo!

Pick up their new album “The Verge” and follow them on Twitter , Facebook , Mypace and Tumblr so that you can be ready!


– Article Written By: G_Writer

**Video’s Courtesy of YouTube

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