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Spreading Positivity with Tafisi Flaming Souls (TFS)

Music 29 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Sometimes, when making music, keeping it within the family is what works best. Take, for instance, Tongan siblings Ana and Sau Tafisi of Tafisi Flaming Souls (TFS). Being exposed to music at such an early age, singing and making music together came so naturally to the two. Ana explained, “We [she and Sau] were born and raised in Samoa then moved to America. We lived in Pomona, CA for a little bit and finally made our way to Utah, which is where we are currently.” Within the group, Sau handles the beats and musical engineering while Ana adds lyrical touches and her own flavors to the beats.

TFS’ first album Straight from the Heart was, as Ana puts it, “something ‘small kine’ for our family and friends,” with the main purpose being just to get the music out to the public. Ana’s song “Now or Never” was the most popular track off the album for the fans. Debut albums are usually trial runs for music artists—they see what worked, what didn’t work, and what to improve on for the next album. Sau mentioned how Straight from the Heart pushed him to gain more knowledge about producing music. This would eventually help him start AnSa Productions (more on this later in the article) and to produce their second album.


The Tafisi’s are back with their sophomore album Rhythm in the Air that was just released a few weeks ago. The album has 15 tracks, three of which are in Tongan, but all are original in lyrics and musical content. “A lot of the songs are personal experiences and friends’ experiences that we put into word and music,” said Ana. “Our main goal [for this album] was to make music for the community that people do not have to worry about offending anyone in any way; it’s all positive, good music.” That’s what we love to hear! During the interview, TFS played a few snippets from the tracks “Baby Don’t Go” and “Hey Girl” both of which have Reggae influence and yet keep that positive vibe mentioned earlier. “Baby Don’t Go” was written by Ana and shows the emotions from the girl’s point of view in the relationship. “Hey Girl” was written by Sau after being inspired to write it for/about his wife. They also gave snippets from two of their Tongan songs. “Fie Mahino ‘Aki” and “Nofo A,” both written by their parents and uncle, speak about their cultural traditions and roots. Ana and Sau definitely keep it real by sharing their traditions while incorporating their cultural language through their love of music.

Something noteworthy of Ana and Sau is their commitment to music and the Polynesian community. When they’re not working on TFS material, both focus on individual projects—Ana is a part of a church choir group called One Voice. Sau has the AnSa Production and has been working with other local Polynesian talent from Utah. The WhatItDo got exclusive news from TFS, specifically Ana: she will be releasing a religious inspirational album this fall! We’ll be on the lookout for that and more music from this dynamic duo!

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Article Written By: Pesi Kava

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