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A Weekend with Jill Scott and Nonosina!

Entertainment, Events 27 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

This past weekend was packed with some of the hottest events in L.A. and The WhatItDo crew popped it off Friday night with the Jill Scott Exclusive Performance at Siren Studios in Hollywood. Making the exclusive, private concert list was compliments of Essence Magazine and this star-studded event had everyone groovin’. With the July cover of Billboard Magazine and her newest album The Light of the Sun climbing the Billboard charts, Miss Jill Scott never ceases to bring that genuine, wholesome, feel-good vibe to her live performances and Friday night, she brought the house down!

The pre-show DJ got everyone warmed up and the open bar got everyone loosened up. When Miss Scott and her band and backup singers took to the stage, they tore it up! She sang hits from her new album including “Shame,” “Rolling Hills,” and “So Blessed.” There was a slight distraction during the performance caused by what Miss Scott referred to as “murmuring” and voiced that it was making her feel “uninspired.” Aside from this minor effect on the singer’s performance (she stopped a couple of times to address it), Miss Scott sang her heart out and gave a phenomenal performance.

Next on The WhatItDo weekend list was Nonosina’s Summer Performance on Saturday at Pearson Park Amphitheatre in Anaheim. Co-director Mevina Liufau emceed and humorously entertained the crowd (sometimes at the expense of the dancers lol) and it was a night filled with laughter, family, friends, great dancing, and good fun.


Nonosina’s tamari’i (children) dancers stole our hearts early on in the show with their too-cute-for-words dance numbers and personal introductions that required that they share their ethnicity. Nonosina celebrates and promotes the diversity of their dancers. Each team or class (labeled by color) under Nonosina Polynesia performed and the Black Team, Nonosina’s competition team, was the meat of the performance. Nonosina’s theme this year focuses on journeying through the South Pacific in a canoe with the aid of the wind, sky, and sea. Nothing is more fun to watch than Nonosina’s innovative choreography which is constantly pushing the envelope and always integrates various dance styles without compromising Polynesian authenticity. You have to see it to understand what I’m talking about. From the aparima (slow Tahitian dance) to the ote’a (fast Tahitian dance) to the drumming, Nonosina showed us that they’re still on top of their game and they’ve got their next generation already in training.

Miss Jill Scott and Nonosina made for an exciting and fun-filled weekend. Mingling with celebrities and attending the hottest Urban Island shows is what The WhatItDo thrives on. The WhatItDo’s summer lineup of featured artists and events is sure to keep you wanting and in the know so stay tuned for more!

For more information on Miss Jill Scott’s tour dates, visit Her new album The Light of the Sun is available NOW! For more information on upcoming performances by Nonosina, visit their Facebook fan page.


Article Written By: Juliet Uata

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