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Freshly Dipped in the all new Kia Optima EX 2011

Cars 21 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
Kia Optima EX 2011

It’s always a good sign when you pull up into a shopping plaza and walk into a salon and the first thing your hair dresser asks is what kind of car am I driving. The inquiring minds at the salon thought I was in a Jaguar and I had to put them up on game and let them know WhatItDo with the all new Kia Optima EX 2011. To have your car be mistaken for a Jaguar is definitely a compliment to Kia and their rock star Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, who spearheaded Kia’s artistic renaissance look on the Optima. This mid-size sedan has a lot to offer and if you’re rolling around in one of these, it’s gonna be a hot summer for you looking freshly dipped in your plum wine red Optima.

Why Drive a Kia Optima EX 2011?

In the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word “optima” is plural for “optimum,” which means: the amount or degree of something that is most favorable to some end. What that means is this Optima EX 2011 is at the top of its class. Once again, it’s an underrated sedan that tends to be overlooked because it’s in the same class as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. But, the Optima has three things that kill the game: 1) Starting price is $24,495, 2) Car design is by Peter Schreyer who came over from Audi and Volkwagen AG, so he brings that A-class European engineering and design into the Korean-make model, and 3) The comforts of the interior is like sitting in first class on a commercial airline going to Hawaii for the summer. The MPG in the city is 24 and on the highway it is 35 which is nothing to a boss vehicle like the Optima EX.

What’s Good in the Hood?

The Optima EX comes freshly dipped with a 2.4 Liter DOHC 4-Cylinder 16 Valve engine. The horsepower is 200 hp at 6300 rpm (revolutions per minute) and the torque 186 ft-lbs at 4250 rpm. Because it’s good in the hood, the Optima is powerful and has a fuel-efficient engine which gives a good ride and is nice on the handling when navigating around the city streets of Los Angeles.

Kia Optima

How’s the Interior?

When you first sit in the driver’s seat of the Optima EX, it’s like traveling first class on a commercial airline. It comes fully laced in leather upholstery. The steering wheel has controls to adjust the Infinity sound system, Bluetooth, and cruise controls all within the convenience of your fingertips while driving. Climate control seats for the front seat passenger and driver can be adjusted to heat or air conditioning, and the Infinity touch screen panel for music, navigation, and Bluetooth connections are nice and user friendly and also has a back up camera feature so that you don’t have to look over your should too much.

How’s the Exterior?

Most consumers were shocked that the Optima looked like a Lexus or a Jaguar but the fact is that it is in its own class of optimum perfection. The exterior design doesn’t look like the old school Kia Optima. Now with its new revolutionary European look, it’s got people confused and actually looking to see what kind of car it is just to make sure they don’t miss out. It comes with 17” alloy wheels, automatic headlights, fog lights, and a panoramic sunroof for the front and back seats to enjoy the rays of the California sun.

Don’t hesitate to get in on this one-of-a-kind sedan that is sure to turn heads and stop traffic. The Kia Optima EX 2011 is nothing short of fly, classy, and a whole lot of fun. The interior is enough to make you never want to leave your car and the exterior is enough to make any and every passerby jealous. The Kia Optima EX is truly the optimum ride in its class so if you want to roll in style without the over-the-top price, this sedan is for you!

For more information on Kia Motors, you can visit their official website, or follow them on Twitter.

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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