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The Sound of a New Epic: DJ EPIC TWELVE

Music 17 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Long ago in a land far away, there lived a hero of great strength, who set off on an impossible mission to: accomplish a feat that no man could do,  slay the beast,  save the world, and get the girl. In ancient times, when a hero performed an impossible feat like these, his journey was memorialized in an “epic” insuring that his story would survive forever; however, most epics all have the same sound with little variation. But a new epic is spreading with a different sound. A sound that is guaranteed to both move your body and blow your mind! The sound of 16-year-old DJ, Corey Breit aka EPIC TWELVE!

In the just over 4 year journey that EPIC has been on, he has conquered a Beezo Battle, performed in front of thousands of people, been on tour with two Pop Stars, become a POWER Mixer on LA’s POWER 106 and his story is only getting warmed up!

EPIC’s journey began not as a DJ, but as a boy growing up in LA, near Hollywood, where he noticed at parties that, “The DJ was pretty much the main guy that made everything happen. If he did a good job everyone was happy and everyone went home happy.” The energy that DJ’s put off and influence that they have had a 12-year-old EPIC thinking, “I like to entertain people and I like to show people a good time so why not do it with something that I love.”

Making the transformation from average boy to larger-than-life DJ began at the legendry Scratch Academy, a school for DJ’s-in-training founded by Rob Principe and Jam Master Jay.  Epic says, “I went to scratch academy and I took a six week boot camp class with the director of Scratch LA, DJ Hapa.” From that point Epic took what he learned and continued to further his education on his own. He says, “After that I just kinda taught myself everything and after a year DJ Hapa started managing me and I kinda went from there. After we had our run, I got signed to Skee.TV and no hard feelings to Hapa we’re still really good friends but it was just a business step that I had to take.”


About Skee.TV, EPIC says, “I wouldn’t say they’re exactly an agency, they do management, they do music videos, they’re pretty much an all around package, so they’re a lot more than just an agency to me. So I’m happy that I got signed to them.” Being signed to Skee.TV has afforded him new opportunities to spread his talents and conquer the music game. “I got the chance to go on tour with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance –  28 cities in 39 days, so that was absolutely crazy it was a great experience for me.”

EPIC’s journey most recently has landed him a job as an official employee of POWER 106. He says, “Last year, I won the Beezo Battle and DJ Ever heard about me from that, because the week prior he was judging, and he gave me a call and asked for a demo. So I went to the station and gave them a demo and E-Man and Felli Fel heard it and they liked it. So I went down to the station and got all linked up with them. All the guys at POWER are so nice. It’s really crazy to me just how nice everyone is, how giving and how understanding everyone is there. So they put me on the station. Shout out to DJ Ever for making that all happen for me. “ EPIC says, “As for right now my shifts for them are every Saturday 3-5pm. I’m working on maybe more shifts, but as for now I’m just happy that I’m there and I’m in.”

More than just a DJ, EPIC has the mindset of a true professional and looks up to giants who have successfully conquered both music and business. He says, “When it comes to DJing the people who influence me are business people and DJ’s and Producers. So music wise, people like ATrak, that can do it all, they can beat battle, they can mix, they can scratch, they can party rock, they can produce, guys like that are people I look up to and on top of all that he’s a business savvy guy. Also DJ Skee for instance, he can DJ,  I know he does a little bit of production, and at the same time he has his own business and having a business someday is something that I definitely want to get into. I look up to guys like that.”

Even though all the old epics sound the same, the sound of a new epic is rising. The sound of EPIC TWELVE! And with his abilities to mix and blend the hottest slaps, put himself in the audience’s shoes, and put off an energy that even the greatest will remember, he’s an epic that you won’t soon forget!

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Article Written By: G_Writer

**Photos & Videos Courtesy of EPIC TWELVE, Eric Guerrero, &  Skee.TV

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