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There is no Slowin Down PO BOXX

Music 14 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

There’s No Slowin’ Down PO BOXX!

West Coast stand up! Urban Island artists from the Northwest are making their presence known in the music scene. Groups such as 3RP and Island Trybe have already been featured and it’s no surprise that TheWhatItDo has found yet another rising star from this region of the U.S. His name is PO BOXX and he’s ready to showcase his vocal talent with the Polynesian community and the rest of America.

Originally from California, PO and his family made their way to Washington and have called it home ever since. For this Samoan R&B singer, everything he knew musically started from church. He said, “I started singing at church when I was four years old. By the age of nine, I learned how to harmonize and started writing my own songs.” Singing at church played an important role in his decision to pursue a career in music. PO remains active in his church choir and musical events held at his church to this day.

PO’s musical opportunities broke open in 2004 when he met fellow music artist Lesi Alo a.k.a Les’sonz. Both were at a showcase to promote their individual music projects. “It was my very first showcase,” he remembered. “Les’sonz happened to like my music and we hit it off right there. Later that year, he introduced me to Island Trybe and a bunch of artists from their camp. [Les’sonz] definitely brought me into the fold.” A friendship between the two immediately emerged and they wasted no time collaborating and producing music.


In 2005, PO released an EP (extended play) titled My City that got a lot of radio play in Washington. By February 2009 with the help of Les’sonz, PO released his solo debut album titled P.O. Boxx and in 2010, he released Welcome to the Wet Coast with Island Trybe and Trybe Fam Entertainment. Unfortunately, PO and Trybe Fam was hit with a curve ball when Les’sonz passed away last summer. “Les was basically my manager,” said PO. “I would show up to gigs to just sing and perform. Les would handle everything else – all the behind-the-scenes work. Now I do everything on my own. It’s been quite the journey.” It sure has been an eye-opener for this R&B/Soul singer. But as it is with anything else in life, we must learn to play with the cards life deals us and continue on as best as we can. That’s what PO has done and there’s no turning back.

This year, PO BOXX is planning to make a lot of noise with his music. He just dropped the music video for his single “Big Body Lova” on YouTube and is in the works for his next music video. PO is also ready for more shows in out-of-state locations, namely California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and even New Zealand. When he’s not working on his music career, you can find him either singing as a baritone in a gospel choir, on his local church’s worship team, OR with his brother’s band called Peacemaker Nation. He will also be opening up for R&B sensation Jon B on Friday, July 15 in Salt Lake City. Whew, you can’t slow PO down!

Until his official website is fully up and running, check PO out on Facebook,  and ReverbNation!

Article Written By: Pesi Kava

**Photos Courtesy of PO BOXX

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