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Start off the Summer with Dre Sinatra’s New Mixtape!

Music 13 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Have you been on’s facebook page lately? It’s always filled with posts of music videos, new songs, new artists, etc. Well, last week TheWhatItDo featured DJ, Dre Sinatra posted his new mixtape, “She Ain’t You Ladies Mix” on our wall. Even though it’s got “Ladies Mix” in the title I still gave it a listen. Who doesn’t got love for the ladies?

Halfway though the mix beautiful ladies started magically appearing in my head. All the hot little hunnies will love this mix! Dre Sinatra started the mix off  right with what the ladies want to hear—Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You”, Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”, and Estelle’s “Break My Heart” ft. Rick Ross. DJ Dre Sinatra definitely hooked the fellas up with this mix. You want to give your sexy date something she’ll like to listen to while driving to your date night? Well this is it!

Dre mixes all the hottest hits right now and blends the smooth sounds into his own mixtape and appropriately proclaims, “This is a soundtrack to the latest baby making music!”

And ladies, you want something to get your sexy lady swag before you and your girls hit the club? Throw on this mix and get your bad girl on. You and your girls will be ready to tear up the club!

WARNING: To the fellas… “She Ain’t You Ladies Mix” includes jams like “Double Dip” by Problem ft. Ty Dolla $, “Trouble” by Bei Major ft. J.Cole, “Out of My Head” by Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz, “She Bad” by Lil Wayne, “Bananas” by Ray J t will make you want to get your freak on with a sexy lady.

WARNING: To all my sexy ladies…”She Ain’t You Ladies Mix” is the perfect mixtape to start off the summer right with your girls or your boo! With songs like “Allstar” by Ty Dolla $ ft. Joe Moses, “Man Down” by Rihanna, and “Take it Down” by Akon ft. Chris Brown, you will want to move, shake, and grind like never before!

Dre Sinatra’s “She Ain’t You Ladies Mix” just dropped, so make sure you download your copy today on or With the hottest jams for the summer it’s got something for everyone! And, fellas, don’t be fooled by the name cause Dre’s new “Ladies” mix might just help you score this summer with a new lady….or two! Whatitdo!

Article writen by: G_Writer

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