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Get Real with Lonny Bereal and Kelly Rowland

Music 10 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Ooh weeee! Do we have something sexy for you! Check it — “Scratch my back, bite your neck, welcome to the world of havin’ sex. Pick you up, pin you down, then we gon’ go another round baby.” Say WHAT?! Yep, these are a few of the steamy lyrics from Grammy-nominated songwriter Lonny Bereal’s new hit single “Favor” featuring Kelly Rowland.

Originally written for Chris Brown, Bereal co-wrote the track but ended up using it for himself and his own debut as an artist. I can see why he’s breaking out the heat for the music video. We have an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Bereal, Rowland, and friends (Chris Brown and Kevin McCall) in the making of the arousing video directed by Branden King of Kingdom Universal.

Now, beware. Kelly Rowland looks bangin’ in this footage.Wearing a sexy gold number with smooth, silky locks, you can see why Bereal chose to partner up with her. And Rowland isn’t the only one looking fly on set. Ladies, get ready because we have an exclusive “Chris-Breezy-takes-off-his-shirt” scene! No matter what Chris Brown does, he sure does it sexy. And for you fellas, we have a bunch of sexy video vixens literally shaking what their momma gave them. Watch and enjoy!

Written By: Adriana Davalos

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